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7 Law Firm SEO Tips To Grow Your Practice

Do you want to harness the power of the internet to bring more clients to your firm? Here are 7 law firm SEO tips to grow your practice that you can implement now. Wondering how you can grow your practice using law firm SEO? SEO for attorneys is a great way to bring more clients […]

Why Your Small Business Needs a Business Lawyer

If you want your small business to succeed, you need a business lawyer to ensure that your protocols aren’t at risk of falling outside the lines of the law. Chances are, you’re going to get sued. And if you’re not sued, you will deal with legal issues. In fact, 90% of all businesses are engaged […]

How to Execute High Converting Lead Magnets for Law Firms

The Ultimate Guide to Lead Magnet Ideas Are you on the hunt for fresh lead magnet ideas? If so, you need to check out our guide, this is a must-read! When it comes to attracting leads, one of the most effective techniques you can use is a strong lead magnet. However, especially for law firms, […]

6 New SEO Tips to Boost Traffic to Your Family Law Attorney Website

Take a look at some of the best SEO tips to grow your family law attorney website and rank higher on all the major search engines. You love practicing family law. But if your family law attorney website isn’t high in the Google search engine result ranks, you may be missing out on a slew […]

The Complete Guide to SEO for Lawyers

Are you an attorney looking to rise to the top of the search engine results? Then click here for a complete guide on SEO for lawyers. In 2016, there were nearly 1.5 million licensed lawyers in the U.S. Whether you’re based in Alabama or New York, it can be tough finding a competitive edge as […]

Critical Divorce Advice for Business Owners

Divorce is never easy, but it’s more complicated when you’re a business owner. This critical divorce advice will help you protect yourself and your business. Divorce is never is a simple process, and it affects people of all ages. It’s rare for divorces to be simple affairs. Aside from the emotions involved, the splitting of […]

6 Tips For Hiring the Right Defense Lawyers

Do you have criminal charges against you? If you’re looking for help in hiring a good defense lawyer who is reliable, read this article on how! Have you been accused of or charged with a criminal offense? If so, you’ll need a great criminal defense lawyer to help you fight the charges and win your […]

Top Tips for The Best Law Firm Website Design

Make sure that your website does its job and measures up to the competition by following our top tips for the best law firm website design. It’s not every day a member of the general public needs a lawyer. This is a service one usually calls upon in the rare event of a car accident, […]

How to Find an Affordable Attorney for Your Business

Starting a business is a whirlwind, but don’t let legal matters fall between the cracks. Follow these steps to find an affordable attorney you can trust. If you are a new business owner, there are countless things you’re probably thinking about. One of them may be the question of whether you need a business attorney. […]

4 Incredible Tips for Creating An Effective Law Firm Marketing Plan

Businesses small and large have one thing in common: they have to take marketing seriously. While word-of-mouth advertising can be very beneficial for some companies, many will have to focus on reaching their target audience themselves. This is especially true in industries that are filled with competitors. Law firms, for example, need a tailored law […]