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Law Firm Marketing: How to Attract More Clients

According to this research, marketers who plan a campaign are 356% more likely to report success.

Does your law firm have a plan in place? If not, you might end up missing out on a number of clients. 

Don’t leave your marketing to trial and error. Instead, these law firm marketing strategies can help you reach out and get in front of new clients. With a strong online presence, your marketing firm can make it to the top.

Start building your client list with this list of marketing strategies. 

1. Redesign Your Website

When interested clients start looking for you, where do they go?

One of the most important tools when marketing for lawyers is a well-designed website. No one’s checking the Yellow Pages anymore. Instead, your clients are heading online to search for what they need.

Your website can make a strong first impression. It’s your every day, all day sales rep. That means your website needs to look professional, function with ease, and offer a great user experience. 

Make sure your website is:

  • Fast
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Easy to use
  • Full of conversion opportunities (like a form)

If your website fails to wow your clients and speak to your expertise, visitors are going to leave.

2. Build Your Brand

There are thousands of law firms throughout the country, so how do you stand out?

For effective law firm marketing, you need to know your niche. If you’re into business law, environmental law, or a mobile car accident attorney, make it clear on your website. Your brand can help you make an impact and attract the right clients.

Make sure your brand appears in your images, design, and website copy. Keep it consistent across your various marketing materials, too!

3. Consider Content

According to the American Bar Association, only 24% of law firms reported having a blog in 2018. That was a drop from 31% the previous year.

The law firms that have a blog often don’t update their content often enough. With a regularly updated blog featuring helpful content, you can use search engine optimization (SEO) to attract new leads.

SEO uses the keywords your audience is searching for to direct traffic to your website. Once you show them your expertise, your readers will start to trust you as a dependable resource. Recognizing search intent (what your readers want when they search) can give your law firm marketing a big advantage.

If you have something to say, blog about it! Your unique insight and advice can help someone looking for an attorney.

Blog writing isn’t the only type of content to consider, though. If you’re focused on how to get clients as a lawyer, think about what your clients are looking for. Then, mix it up!

You can turn a single blog post into an infographic, ebook, or video. 

Mixing up the content can show interested clients you have the expertise they need to handle their case. 

4.  Stay Social

Once you start creating new content, it’s time to share it! How will you get your content out to the world and in front of potential clients?

You can send out an email marketing campaign with updates. However, it’s important to consider where your audience is spending the bulk of their time. To stay social, head onto social media!

Use social media to share your content, interact with clients, and stay top-of-mind (for a long time).

5. Reel in Reviews

Your previous clients are a helpful resource for your law firm marketing strategy. 

Ask your clients to write a positive review about their experience working with you. Post these reviews on your website and social media as social proof. Reviews will show interested clients you’re someone they can trust.

6. Build Trust with Video

Consider converting your blog posts and reviews into video content.

Videos can help your law firm stand out. They’re also great for strengthening your website’s SEO, helping you get ahead of the competition.

7. Pick PPC

Pay-per-click advertising is a form of paid digital advertising. If you’re trying to extend your reach and improve your SEO, PPC can help. It’s just like it sounds: you pay when someone clicks on your ads. 

PPC ads help you stand out on search engine results. You can also use PPC remarketing to reappear to website visitors who didn’t convert into clients the first time around. 

8. Show with SEO

There are numerous ways you can improve your website’s SEO. In addition to blog posts, you can also create dedicated pages for each of your services. Then, optimize those pages for the keywords your clients are searching. 

You should also consider off-site SEO. Make sure to grab your Google My Business listing, among other online listings. These listings will improve your SEO and help people find you online. 

9. Provide Value

It’s not enough to just post content online. What content are you offering that provides your audience with value?

For example, you can add an FAQ to your website to help people find the answers they need with ease. You can also focus your blog posts on answering questions from your clients. This will show them you’re there to help through any situation.

10. Analyze It

Once you start a strong law firm marketing campaign, track your results. Analyze the data to pinpoint what’s working (and what’s falling flat). By tracking the data, you can recognize where you can improve your campaigns.

Make a list of key performance indicators (KPIs), too. 

For example, you might decide to focus on your lead-to-sale conversion rate or how many total new clients you receive. Choosing the right KPIs can help you focus on accomplishing your law firm’s main goals through marketing.

Catch More Clients: 10 Tips for Effective Law Firm Marketing

Amplify your online presence and start bringing in new leads! With these 10 tips, your law firm marketing strategies will start attracting new clients so your firm can continue to grow.

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