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Top 4 Factors to Consider When Picking Business Loan Lenders

Are you looking for funding for your small business? You can have a business loan application by asking for it during your business pitching stage or by […]

What Are the Different Types of Personal Loans That Exist Today?

Did you know about 22 million Americans have a personal loan? Not having enough money is never good. If you find yourself in this situation, […]

How To Handle Debt Collectors

Did you know that as of January 2022, $4.4 trillion is the total consumer debt among Americans? Unexpected things happen like being sick or having […]

3 Proven Ways to Grow Your Mortgage Business

Do you own a mortgage business and looking for ways to attract more customers? By the end of last year, mortgage marketing grew to a […]

How Do Credit Card Chargebacks Actually Work in Practice?

Did you know that the cost of chargebacks is expected to go from $690 million in 2020 to more than $1 billion by the year […]

The Brief Guide That Makes Hiring a CFO Simple

Did you know the average CFO salary in 2021 was $399,062? This figure highlights the valuable contribution these professionals can make to a business. By performing […]

What Can I Buy With Bitcoin?

Since January 2020, the value of a single unit of Bitcoin has grown from less than $10,00 to over $30,000. It’s clear that investing in […]

How to Select a Business Loan for Your Startup

About 30% of all startups fail by the second year. That makes it hard to secure financing and build your startup venture. You might not […]

Which Type of Settlement is Best for Your Financial Situation?

When you’re awarded in a civil lawsuit, you’re usually compensated through a settlement. But did you know you have a choice of the type of […]

Credit Risk: Understanding the 5 C’s of Credit

There are many different aspects of credit that most people don’t understand. In fact, studies have shown that one out of eight Americans had no idea what their credit […]

5 Common Business Loan Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Are you preparing to take out a small business loan? Debt financing isn’t the best way to raise money for your business, but it’s still […]

What Is a Merchant Cash Advance? The Complete Guide

Are you having trouble qualifying for a conventional business loan? If so, consider a merchant cash advance.  What is a merchant cash advance? It’s a predetermined […]

3 Loan Applications Mistakes to Avoid for Small Businesses

Is your business in a cash crunch? Do you need some money to sort out a financial emergency? Taking out a small business loan is […]

What Is the Best Way to Pay off Student Loans?

Are you struggling to pay off your student loans? Who isn’t? With the average student loan debt hovering over $30,000, there’s no doubt millions of […]

Help With Finances: 5 Useful Tips and Tricks

Finances: we all know how much they affect every aspect of our lives. But despite that, we too often wait until a major life event […]

From Merrill Lynch to Thin Air: Whatever Happened to Prabir Purohit?

Merill Lynch’s full name is Merrill Lynch Wealth Management. Their success is so incredible and so widespread that you’ve almost certainly heard the name even […]

How Is the Mortgage Industry Adapting to the Coronavirus Pandemic?

With COVID-19 affecting nearly every industry, almost every employee is now required to work from home.  If you specifically take a look at how the […]

What Do You Need For a Business Loan? A Quick Guide

If you are starting a new business or are expanding your current business, you have probably considered applying for a business loan. The business loan […]

3 Tips on How Small Businesses Can Get Grants to Transform Their Innovative Ideas Into Impact

Did you know that 82% of businesses that fail do so because of cash flow problems? Ask any startup company, entrepreneur, or budding business partner […]

A Small Business Owner’s Guide to Electronic Checks

There’s no denying that we live in a digital age. Among consumers today, electronic forms of payment are the preferred and most popular method. The […]

What Are Payroll Funding Companies and How Do They Work?

It doesn’t matter how profitable your company appears on the books, you can still run into cash flow problems from time to time. And, having […]

Business Tax Responsibilities of Foreign Banking: When to Declare Earnings

It was estimated in 2017 that around $2.6 trillion is held by American businesses in foreign bank accounts. The reasons for keeping assets in a […]

How to Get Your SBA Loan Application Approved

There are currently almost 30 million small businesses in the United States. Are you getting ready to open one? Do you need help securing funding and […]

What Is a Digital Wallet and How Can It Benefit Your Business

A digital wallet is one of the best things you can do to secure your money. Many people are using digital wallets thanks to the […]

The Art of The Structured Settlement: Everything You Need to Know About Your Judgement

Did you know 40 million lawsuits are filed in the United States each year? Lawsuits are time-consuming and taxing on all the parties involved.  It’s […]

Funding Your Dreams: 5 Creative Ways to Finance Your Start Up

Business plan development, research expenses, and licensing fees are some of the typical startup costs you’ll need to cover when starting a business. Maybe you […]

Is Binance Safe? The Final Word

Did you know that there are more than 1,300 cryptocurrencies? That is a lot of crypto. With all of the currency, there needs to be […]

Top 4 Reasons to Become a Mortgage Specialist Right Now

With trillions of dollars in mortgages, you might think that becoming a mortgage specialist is a good idea. People obviously need homes and those homes […]

Options for Financing a Business: What You Need to Know

Of the top 10 reasons that small businesses failed, 29% said it was because they ran out of money to stay afloat. Financing a business […]

Can You Get No Credit Check Business Loans with Poor Personal Credit?

Are you one of the 39 percent of business owners who is a credit “ghost” — meaning you have a personal credit score that’s lower […]

A List of the Best Business Credit Cards for New Businesses

The number of small businesses has been steadily growing given how well the economy is doing. In 2018, the SBA estimated that just over 30 […]

When and How to Choose Financial Advisors to Help With Managing Money

There are 1.7 trillion dollars in circulation in the United States right now. For many of us, our main goal is to figure out how we […]

How to Accept Credit Card Payments as a Small Business

Is your small business meeting your growth expectations? Would you like to start accepting credit cards? If so, this is a redefining move for your […]

These “Fastest Way to Boost Credit Score” Tips Can Get Your Business Funded

Being rejected for a business loan (or any other loan for that matter) is a very discouraging and nerve-wracking feeling. This is usually because you […]

Ready for Massive Growth? 6 Advantages of a Bank Loan for Small Businesses

About 73 percent of all small businesses have needed some type of financing in the past. So if you’re looking for funds to start or grow […]

Making Money Moves: 5 Fatal Mistakes to Avoid When Forex Day Trading

Did you know that forex day trading is one of the most accessible styles of forex trading out there? The main reason for that is […]

Choosing Credit Cards: How to Pick the Best Card for You

The majority of Americans have at least one credit card. In fact, the average number of credit cards is 3.4 per cardholder. Whether you’re looking […]

Supplement Your Income: 5 Surprising Benefits of Swing Trading Stock

Making millions, losing millions, and making it back in a single day.  The fast-paced life of a stock trader is tempting. What other job gives you […]

Accounting Advice: 10 Genius Benefits of Payroll Outsourcing You Need to Know

Do you still have an in-house team managing your payroll? You might want to reconsider that. Outsourcing bookkeeping and accounting payroll services are becoming a […]

3 Benefits to Look for When Applying for a Business Credit Card

Before you start a business, one of the first things you need to do is to get your finances in order.  This involves getting yourself […]

6 Important Reasons to Hire a Small Business Financial Advisor

Are you debating whether to hire a financial advisor for your small business? First, thumbs up for considering it. At a time when the vast majority […]

Doing Business Overseas? Here Are the Best Ways to Send an International Wire Transfer

Almost 60% of small companies do business internationally. In today’s global economy, it’s the only way to gain a competitive edge. Doing business worldwide means […]

How to Invest in Dividend Stocks: A Guide for Beginners

Investing in dividend stocks is one of the best ways to diversify a portfolio and boost a bank account. And buying long term dividend stocks […]

Skip the Savings Account: 5 Robo Investing Platforms to Try in 2019

Have you always been interested in stock investments, but also too intimidated to invest for yourself? Only about 54 percent of Americans invest in stocks […]

How to Get a Loan with Bad Credit: What to Do When a Bank Refused a Loan

The popularity of personal loans has been soaring in the UK with borrowing amounts going up four times faster than personal wages. For people who […]

Don’t Let the Pennies Pinch You! Creative Ways to Get Funds for Your Business in a Pinch

Cash flow. It’s the reason 82% of businesses fail. This makes money one of the most important things to consider when starting a business.  Planning […]

Got Debt? Here’s How to Fight off the IRS and Have Tax Debt Relief!

If you’re struggling to dig yourself out of tax debt, you’re not alone. According to the IRS, nearly 860,000 people were delinquent in paying their […]

Nervous About the Stock Market? Here are 10 Investment Strategies to Survive A Market Downturn

It’s the nature of the beast that, when investing, the markets will eventually take a slide. Any equities portfolio can take a dramatic dip, sometimes for […]

Money Talks: Financial Planning Blog Ideas to Engage Clients

The NEFE reports that only 24% of millennials qualify as financially literate. That’s a lot of young people out there you could help with your […]

Becoming an Accountant: 10 Math Tips for Aspiring Accountants

An accountant who is bad at math is like a baseball glove with a hole in the middle. It may accidentally get the job done, […]

What Is a Bridge Loan? Hint, There’s No Water Involved!

Got some property in mind that you want to buy? Maybe you’re looking into moving into a new home, or maybe you’re looking forward to […]

1031 Exchange for Dummies: A Guide for Investors

Real estate investing has some tax benefits. The 1031 exchange is a great example. Here is an investor’s 1031 exchange for dummies guide. Investors or […]

Business Financing Options: 7 Tips For Choosing the Best Business Loan

Are you trying to find the best loan for your business? Follow our guide to different business financing options to help you make your decision. […]

Winning Marketing Tips for a Forex Trading Business

Do you have a winning marketing plan for your Forex trading business? Click here for tips you need to know! Are you starting a forex […]

Get Carded: A Brief Look at the Difference Between Credit Cards and Debit Cards

Credit card vs debit card: what’s the real difference? Which one should you choose? Or should you consider both? We review all the facts for […]

What are Analytics? A Beginner’s Guide to Analytics for Ecommerce

What are analytics? In the world of ecommerce, you need to make sound decisions. Those decisions need to be based on data. Find out more […]

How to Get Funding for a Startup Without Breaking into Your Savings

Nowadays you need money to make money, and getting your small business off the ground isn’t cheap. Help is at hand – here’s how to […]

What Happens When a Company Goes Bankrupt?

Having to file for bankruptcy is always a tough decision to make, so what happens when a company goes bankrupt? Whether you’re considering declaring bankruptcy […]

5 Foreign Exchange Market Myths Explained

Are you thinking of investing in forex? This article looks at the most common foreign exchange market myths – and debunks them along the way. […]

5 Tips For Getting Out Of Debt Without Losing Your Business

Are you stuck in debt? Trying to run a business while you or your company is in debt is grueling, costly, and risky. Here are […]

6 Small Business Tax Preparation Tips You Can’t Afford to Ignore

Tax season may not feel close but it will be here before we know it. Brush up on your small business tax preparation process and […]

Effective Marketing Strategies for a Budding Forex Broker

The forex business is a tricky business to get involved with, especially if you’re launching your own forex brokerage. With that said, here are some […]

How to Start Your Own Day Trading Business: A Complete Guide

How to Start Day Trading: A Complete Guide If you want to be your own boss, set your own hours (more or less) and take […]

Planning for Retirement: 5 Things Small Business Owners Should Know

Small business owners wear many hats in an effort to keep their business afloat. Unfortunately, many of them do not have any solid plans for […]

How to Choose the Right 401K Plan for Yourself and Your Employees

Choosing the right 401k plan for you and your employees can be a daunting task. Yet, it’s rather manageable if you know what you’re doing. […]

What Is a CFO and Why Does Your Business Need One?

You’ve heard the term CFO thrown around, but you aren’t exactly sure what it means. What is a CFO? Why does your business need one? […]

What is An Automated Clearing House?

What is An Automated Clearing House and How Does an ACH Transfer Work? It may seem confusing at first, but Automated Clearing Houses are actually […]

Probate Investing: What Is a Probate Sale and Should You Buy It?

What Is a Probate Sale and Should You Buy It? If you’re interested in flipping houses, you need to know about probate properties. But before […]

7 Vital Things You Need to Know About Business Credit Cards

Check out These Important Business Credit Card Tips Getting a business credit card is a great way to fund certain business purchases With these business […]

Your Guide to Small Business Tax Filing

If you’re a small business, the last thing you want to be doing is wasting time figuring out your tax returns. Learn more about small […]

5 Ways Cryptocurrency is Impacting Small Business

Do you own a small business and are thinking about accepting bitcoin? There are several ways this switch will impact your bottom line. Take a […]

How To Maximize Tax Deductions for Small Businesses

Looking to save as much as possible this tax season? Of course you are. Check out this guide on how to maximize tax deductions for […]

5 Tips For a Successful Financial Planning Firm

Are you looking for helpful business advice to help your financial planning firm be successful? Follow these essential tips to improve your business. Despite the […]

Global Investment: Why You Should Invest Internationally for Your Business

Global Investment: How to Invest Internationally In business you never want to put all your eggs in one basket. We’ll show you why a global […]

How Does Credit Repair Work? A Beginner’s Guide

How does credit repair work? If you’re serious about improving your credit score, we’ve got some great beginners’ tips! Click here to learn top ways […]

Common Terms in Fixed Asset Tracking Software

Are you new to fixed asset tracking software? To better understand this technology, here are common terms to learn. Asset management keeps both personal finance […]

How to Convince People They Need the Best Life Insurance

Convincing People They Need the Best Life Insurance Convincing people to pay out for their future should anything happen to them can be a challenge. […]

What do Debt Management Companies Do?

If your small business runs into financial problems, you’ll need a place to turn. Click here to learn what debt management companies do and how […]

How to Invest in Crypto with Only $100

You’re not too broke to cash in on the crypto craze. Just follow this complete guide on how to invest in crypto with as little […]

How to Get a Working Capital Loan For Your Small Business

How to Get a Working Capital Loan Are you concerned about getting a working capital loan for your small business? Not sure about the process? […]

Everything You Need to Know About Life Insurance in Canada

If you don’t already hold a life insurance policy you may be wondering what they’re all about. Check out our info on life insurance in […]

How To Write Engaging Content For A Financial Services Website

You’re putting together content for your financial services website, and you’re proud of it. But you’re still not generating the traffic you believe your content […]