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Law Firm Sites Need SEO More Than Ever In 2019: Here’s Why

Every law firm needs new clients to grow and survive. Your law firm is no different. Gone are the days where law firms relied on traditional marketing to get more clients.

Today your firm’s online presence plays a significant role in the growth of your law firm.

SEO is a guaranteed technique that makes your law firm sites more visible to potential clients within your location.

For years now, law firm sites have greatly benefited from SEO. But in 2019, the age of quality content and longtail keywords, it’s essential. Here’s why.

1. SEO Is More Mobile Friendly

If you walked down the street, it’s likely that everyone you’ll meet has a mobile device. This shows you how popular and readily available mobile devices are today.

A large number of local Google searches are done on phones. Many of these searches are from people looking for legal services.

With that, do you see why optimizing your law firm site for local searches is a no-brainer?

2. There’s More Return on Your Investment

The legal world is full of fierce competition. That means you have to be extremely creative in the ways you advertise your law firm.

Traditional marketing methods may not be affordable for a small sized law firm.

Besides the traditional marketing methods are slowly being outdated. That’s why you need to invest in optimizing SEO for your law firm site.

Of all the inbound marketing strategies, which include, social media marketing, email marketing, blogging, and pay-per-click advertising, SEO will give you a higher return on your investment.

3. You Get More Prospective Clients

We all know how powerful Google search engine is. Per day, it handles over five billion searches. And among these searches, there are those searching for legal services.

Can you imagine what this search engine can do for your law firm? All you need is to target the right keywords, and that will rank your law firm’s site higher in the google search results.

This will ultimately bring you more prospective clients. If you have the right SEO strategies, you will continuously get more business without trying too hard or spending lots of money.

4. SEO Generates More Relevant Traffic

There are so many people searching for weird queries on google. But the majority of the searchers have clear search intent. This means that they know what information they are looking for.

How can you target serious searchers?

You can effectively optimize your law firm’s website for search. This way, you will beat your competition by ranking higher and targeting and reaching the right people.

You ought to remember that there’s traffic and there’s relevant traffic. What you’re looking for is relevant traffic. And to get that you need to target the right people.

5. It Doesn’t Require Much Human Involvement Once You Set It Up

Using SEO as an inbound marketing strategy for your business will cut the cost of hiring people to market your law firm.

SEO focuses on content marketing. When you set up your firm’s website, you put content that people can access when they search for legal services.

This means that they can directly see what services your firm offers. This eliminates human involvement in terms of hiring people to market your law firm.

Too much human involvement can be costly for your business and that is why you should consider using SEO as one of your marketing strategy as opposed to using traditional marketing strategies.

6. SEO Works By Educating About Your Services

Your law firm website should contain content that’s relevant to your prospects and clients. This means that you should be creative with your SEO strategies.

Know the right keywords to use so that you optimize your searches.

For instance, when you’re arrested for drunken driving, you are less likely to search ‘where to find a lawyer.’ Instead, you will search for ‘what to do when arrested for drunken driving.’

This shows you that you need to put content in your law firm’s site that is relatable to your target market.

Look for everyday situations where your potential clients require your legal services.

Give them a few tips and then direct them to hire you for those services. SEO is the best tool for this. For instance, you can hire this lawyer in case of a personal injury.

7. You Gain More Conversions

Do you know the more potential clients reach out to you, the higher the chances you have to convert them to your regular clients?

SEO brings people to you rather than you going for them. This allows you to improve your services and focus on giving the best to your clients.

More conversions mean you will have more time with new clients. You will also get more time to do your research on your cases and prepare for them without worrying about new marketing strategies.

8. You Gain an Established Market Position

The higher your SEO rankings, the more you get an established market position.

This is because when someone searches for legal services, they see the higher ranked law firms first before the others. This builds trust in your clients, and they feel they can rely on your services.

With that, they are more likely to recommend their friends and relatives to your law firm. Hence you gain more clients.

How do you gain a stable market position?

Use the right and most effective SEO tactics. You need to be creative with your content on your website. Make it more relatable to your potential clients. That way, you can scoop your target clients, and they can become your regular clients.

Why Is SEO A Better Strategy To Grow Law Firm Sites?

SEO provides a better chance of growing law firm sites faster than traditional marketing strategies. At first, you will need to be more persistent and work hard.

Once you establish your position, you will be in a position to receive the targeted traffic without incurring extra costs.

If you’re interested in knowing ways you can improve your firm’s marketing, check out our blog posts.