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Local and Low-Cost: Online Marketing for Law Firms That Won’t Break the Bank

What’s the biggest difference between a successful law practice and one that struggles to find clients? It’s usually the lawyer’s ability (or inability) to market themselves well. Take note: online marketing for law firms is your secret sauce for competing in the industry.

It’s not easy attracting clients to your law firm. Most lawyers fail to invest enough in business development. Or, they spend time and money on the wrong activities which fail to grow their clientele.

Online marketing is one of your best opportunities to put your law firm in front of local prospects. Studies show 38% of those searching for a lawyer turn to the internet first. 

Let’s look at some low-cost options to put online marketing to work for you.

Maximize Free Online Marketing for Law Firms

Before you invest in online marketing, take advantage of free options to grow your presence. 

Start by claiming your free business listings like Google My Business, Bing, and Manta. These listings make it easy for customers to contact you directly. 

Social media can serve as an extension of your website and help to build your brand. It’s free to use and gives you an outlet for posting content, collecting reviews, and connecting with prospects. As an added bonus, you can pay for ads to target people in your area. 

It’s also worth connecting with professional local publications, like NY Lawyers Guide, to get your law firm listed. 

Optimize Your Website for Online Search

SEO continues to dominate online marketing. It gives you a better chance of appearing in the search results of people who are searching for legal services in your area. 

Include niche-specific and location-specific keywords on your website. Add your business name, address, and phone number to every web page. Create a sitemap for your content and organize the content on your website for readability and searchability.

There’s an art to SEO for lawyers, and it may benefit you to partner with a professional SEO agency to help you earn its full potential. 

Create Content to Attract Niche Clientele

Content is king when it comes to online marketing. Creating valuable blog posts, white papers, and other resources can help attract prospects to your website. 

Every time you gain a website visitor, your firm makes an impression. This is essential for growing your brand recognition and building top of mind awareness. 

Focus on Referral Business

Referrals continue to be a prime source of clients for law firms. One study found as much as 62% of consumers asked family or friends when searching for a lawyer. 

Online marketing plays a vital role in the referral process. Studies show over 90% of consumers trust online reviews as much as a referral from someone they know.

Focus on collecting online reviews and ratings from clients. Not only is it free, but positive reviews can also tilt the scales in your favor when consumers are comparing law firms online.

Be Consistent in Your Law Firm Marketing

Online marketing for law firms isn’t an overnight success. It takes time for your efforts to pay off, so make sure you don’t quit too soon.

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