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Order in the Court! Your Ultimate Attorney Marketing Strategy

Attorney marketing is a tough game. Unlike other services, people looking for a lawyer or attorney are generally coming to you as a last resort. The legal process is something most people do not take any great pride in getting involved with but they have no choice. 

In order to advertise correctly, you need to target people who need your services but they must be approached with respect and in the right way. Coming across as insensitive in your advertising can backfire. 

Whilst word of mouth is still key to law firm marketing, online marketing is more important than ever before. Here is our complete guide to the marketing of legal services. 

SEO Strategy 

When people get into legal peril or feel they have no choice but to begin legal proceedings against someone one of the first things they will do is turn to Google or another search engine. Google is discreet whereas asking a friend or family member might be embarrassing or difficult. 

Some people might even want to speak to or hire a lawyer before they tell their parents or partner about their situation.

Search Engine Optimization is the key to this. If you are a lawyer that specializes in specific cases then it’s important your website and blog rank highly on Google for relevant keywords, such as “Truvada class action”.

Lawyer websites that offer crystal clear and friendly advice are more likely to pick up clients who will be grateful for a firm they think they can trust. 

Ensure your website is kept up to date and is full of relevant information but also be clear to avoid any jargon or terminology that potential clients might find difficult to understand.


A big part of online marketing for law firms and SEO is blogging. Ensuring that you have a regular output. It involves not only answering questions that potential clients want answering but ensuring you are selling your company by writing about events you are attending and awards you win. 

This could also include success stories with clients who win their cases.

Lawyers are very busy people and their skill set might not always be best suited for this. Many hire out SEO experts and professional blog writers to do this for them. 


Trying to be all things to all people has never been a strategy that works. People who hire lawyers want to know that they understand their brief. They want experts, not generalists. 

Instead, therefore, it is important to ensure your law firm has a specialism. While you might think this is narrowing the field of clients that you can take on instead you might find that even though you are targeting a smaller base you are more successful at securing the clients you do target. 

Please The Client

Pleasing the client is the number one way of ensuring you build your client base. It means your clients are likely to return to you if they or their family are ever in need of another lawyer. 

It also means the client is likely to speak highly about you. If they have friends who are ever in need of a lawyer they may recommend you, leading to more business. Happy clients might also offer a written recommendation or agree to be featured on a blog. 

Target High-End Clients

Every lawyer would like to work just for pro bono cases that he or she enjoys and that can make a difference to society. The reality is that higher-end cases are where the money is.

Whilst wealthy clients may need a different strategy and their cases might be more complex, you require fewer of them to stay in business. 

Establishing yourself as a high-end and successful lawyer is about putting out the right messages and ensuring that you have proved yourself in complex cases.

A personal approach is also important. You will need to put in the time meeting clients in your office and consulting with them over the telephone, perhaps even for free to ensure you seal the deal.

Having a great office in the central district of town is going to be a great investment to help you pull off this strategy. The last thing a higher-end client is going to want is to visit a tiny office in a strip mall.

Attorney Marketing is All About Knowing Your Customer 

There are as many types of lawyer as there are types of bread or varieties of coffee. For attorney marketing to work you need to know which type of law you are going to focus on. 

Simply marketing yourself as a lawyer for all seasons is not going to ensure you get clients in. You need to be clear about what type of law you specialize in and target those clients. This is the key to online marketing for lawyers; your website should reflect this and so too should your blog. 

The website and the blog can be useful tools for people looking for answers to their questions as Google is often the first place vulnerable people turn to.

If your website and blog provide comfort but also valuable information to those searching for answers then they may well stick around to see if they can hire you to assist them. 

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