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Family Law Marketing 101: 5 Ways to Attract More Clients

Finding new clients is a constant concern for family law firms. Successful lawyers need a steady stream of clients to stay profitable.

It takes a concentrated effort to attract new clients. Family law marketing needs branding, useful content, and search engine optimization.

Keep reading to learn how to incorporate these methods into your family law practice. 

Build a Better Brand

Your brand includes everything. It’s your logo, website, online presence, social profiles, and in-person appearances.

Choose images, text, and design elements with care. Be consistent with messaging to make your brand recognizable. 

Claim your social profiles and match them to your website. Don’t hesitate to interact with people online. Make quick responses part of your brand. Someone who asks a legal question on Twitter may be your next client.

Big and small law firms need online branding. A good example of branding a boutique firm is The site is welcoming and respectful. It guides visitors to the information they want and need.

Provide Useful Content

Most potential clients search online before contacting a firm. The best way to attract clients is to help them.

Create content that addresses different aspects of your law specialty. Family law attorneys should discuss divorce, guardianship, probate, and adoption on their websites. Make it clear you understand the problem and can resolve it.

Create content that’s easy to understand. It can be a blog, video, or case study. Describe issues in a clear, concise way. Consider an ebook for complicated subjects. 

People want lawyers to solve a problem. Show them you can.

Invest in Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Investing in search engine optimization is another way to attract clients. Content on your website and social profiles boost your rank in search engines.

Provide reliable info on specific topics to appear in relevant searches. Think, “how much does a divorce cost in Baltimore.”

SEO tactics include:

  • Content Written for Search Terms
  • Organic Backlinks
  • Shareable Content
  • Keyword Research
  • Relevant Keywords in Copy
  • Alt Text Tags on Images
  • Specialized Pages for Each Service

SEO strategies help you rank in search results. When someone searches for a family law firm or a topic you handle, your firm appears in the search results.

Consider hiring an SEO copywriter or expert to optimize your website.

Nurture and Cultivate Referral Sources

Claim your profile everywhere it appears online. Check online legal, chamber of commerce, and businesses directories. Verify that all information is correct and has a link to your website.

Every online listing is part of your referral network. Don’t forget social profiles. Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social sites should describe how you solve client problems.

Build referrals by speaking at community events. Give a talk at a university. Write articles for online journals in return for a bio and link to your website.

Cultivate referral sources in your local community. Volunteer at charity events. Take part in local organizations. Everyone is a potential client.

Try Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising

Sometimes you need more than organic marketing and branding to get noticed. That’s where Pay-per-click ads help. PPC is an effective law firm marketing method.

PPC ads on platforms like Google AdWords let you serve ads on specific topics. Create an ad for custody battles. Only users searching custody battles see your ad in search results. People who see your ad are already potential clients.

Facebook advertising is another option. You can target specific audiences. Tracking options let you retarget people who visited your site without contacting you.

Try Family Law Marketing to Boost Your Business

The right mix of family law marketing puts your firm above the competition. 

A strong brand and effective marketing lead consumers to your website. Valuable content and solutions turn them into clients.

Need help with more ideas? Visit our legal category for more ways to attract new clients.