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How to Choose the Best Furniture for Your Home Office

Are you looking for the best furniture for home office designs? Most people assume that their home office furniture needs are simple, just a standard […]

How to Organize Your Business Office for Maximum Efficiency

Operating a small business is hard. There are so many things that need to be done: marketing, customer service, sales, strategy, social media presence, etc. […]

What Is Spiral Binding and the Benefits?

Spiral binding is a popular way to fasten the pages of a book or notebook together. While it may look complicated, it’s a simple and […]

How to Create a Perfect Office Organization System

Are you tired of untidy desks and falling behind with your workload? Do you often feel like you’re drowning in clutter and disarray? If so, […]

8 Reasons Office Interior Design Matters

Working too many hours can increase a person’s risk of stroke by 35 percent. Keep your employees healthy by increasing productivity through a thoughtfully designed […]

How to Clean Offices

Even if it looks clean, your office can be teeming with germs. The desk you use every day has 400 times more germs than your […]

A Complete Guide to Designing a Mobile Office Space

So you’ve decided to invest in a mobile office space (or several small mobile office spaces). Whether you’re doing a full office renovation or you’re […]

An Overview of the Rent vs. Buy Office Space Debate

When you’re first trying to get a small business off the ground, there are a bunch of different steps that you’ll have to take. One […]

The Complete and Only New Office Checklist You’ll Ever Need

Are you planning on moving to a new office?  Growing your business is one of the most important milestones for any business owner. Growth results […]

A Remote Worker’s Guide to the Different Types of Office Desks

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, working from home has well and truly become “the new normal”. And if you, too, have moved from […]

4 Ideas for Office Layouts to Improve Productivity

Did you know that 70% of workers don’t feel satisfied with their career choice? While a lot can go into making someone dislike their job, […]

Office Safety: This Is How to Handle the Coronavirus

COVID—it’s the devastating health crisis that has stopped life as we know it. But what does it mean for your business? Work can’t stop, so […]

7 Photos for Home Office Inspiration

If the coronavirus pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that it’s more important than ever before for people to have home offices that they love. […]

4 Things to Consider to Optimize Your Office Floor Plan Layout

Although it may not seem readily apparent, working in a cluttered area can have a vastly negative effect on your productivity. In fact, there’s even […]

How Junk Removal Services Can Make Your Office Relocation Easy

Has your business outgrown your current office space? Or do you feel as though you’re paying too much money for the office space you’re using […]

The Top Ten Benefits of Backlit Keyboards for Laptops

It’s one of the main ways to customize the look and feel of your laptop. Gone are the days when keyboards are all the same […]

No, You Can’t Use Self-Storage as an Office (And Here’s Why!)

Have you ever considered renting a storage unit to use as your home office? Seems like a good idea, right? it’s much more affordable than […]

What Is the Best Color for Office Walls? 5 Great Options

You’ve bought a new office building. You’ve got all the furniture put inside and it’s time to move on to the décor. Before you put […]

5 Top Features to Look for When Buying Phone Systems for a Small Office

Communication makes the world go around. But even in the world of high-speed 5G video calling, the humble phone is still a valuable tool that […]

5 Types of Office Technology To Make Simplify the Workplace

Technology is everything when it comes to operating a business. Employee communication is one of the top ways to ensure your team is productive throughout […]

What Is a Document Management System and What Does It Do?

The use of paper documents in offices and other institutions has fallen significantly. In 2016, the demand for paper reduced by 2.2%. With the advanced […]

How to Get Rid of Used Office Furniture for Good

As another year goes by, you’ve begun to acquire more and more used office furniture that you’re not getting any use out of! As the […]

What Is Office Management? How to Get Good at Office Management

Roughly 75 percent of all companies collapse within 18 months of opening. It’s a statistic that proves how difficult it is to build a financial […]

10 Meeting Best Practices to Get Results

Employees and business owners alike spend hours upon hours in business meetings, but is anything really getting done? If you aren’t implementing meeting best practices, […]

The Hottest Office Design Trends in 2020

You want to get the most out of your office space. After all, one-third of your life and your employees’ lives are spent in the […]

Setting Up Professional Voicemail Greetings: 5 Tips You Need to Know

How you structure your voicemail greetings at work or home can result in the first impression that anyone has of you. Think of the business […]

5 Office Recycling Solutions That Work

The U.S. represents 5% of the world population. Yet, we generate more waste than any other country.  This is a shame because there are a […]

5 Stunning Office Lounge Ideas for a Productive Break Room

Office break rooms are usually a pretty sad scene. A table here, a few uncomfortable chairs over there, a fridge, sink, and some cabinets; that’s […]

10 Principles of Good Conference Room Design

According to the Harvard Business Review, executives are spending an increased amount of time in meetings. In the ’60s, meetings took up less than 10 […]

5 Benefits of Going Paperless at Your Office

Did you know that the average US office worker uses 10,000 sheets of copy paper every year? Despite claims that the future of office work is […]

8 Reasons Why Your Office Needs to Use a Water Delivery Service

So, you’re interested in getting a water delivery service set up at your office for your team members to enjoy. You want to provide them […]

11 Simple Ways to Upgrade Your Office…And Don’t Forget the Windows

Your office’s productivity isn’t static. Even small environmental changes can have a major influence on how well you and your employees work. Adding plant life and […]

7 Home Office Lighting Ideas That’ll Lift Your Mood

Do you have a job that allows you to work from home? Are you looking for ways to make your home office a positive and […]

How Many Fire Extinguishers Do I Need in My Office?

The U.S. Fire Department responds to an average of 3,340 office fires per year. No matter how safe we try to be, it’s important to […]

Break Room Renovation Ideas that Improve Employee Morale

Taking breaks on a regular basis boosts productivity substantially. They also make employees happier and more relaxed, improving the quality of their work as well. Having […]

10 Key Things to Look for in a Modern Office Building

Your company needs a home, but buying a commercial property isn’t quite the same as purchasing a house. There are a few similarities between buying […]

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: How to Set up an Office Recycling Program

Offices contribute to one of the largest segments of solid waste produced in the American cities. Many offices generate and discard massive amounts of paper, […]

The Future Is Now: 9 Insanely Cool Office Gadgets That You Need in 2020

When it comes to productivity, there’s plenty of things you can use to help make your day at the office fruitful. Tons of incredible product […]

7 Helpful Tips to Create an Office Space Layout That Increases Productivity

On average, employees are only productive 60% of their workday — and sometimes, even less. Many things distract employees at work. From chatty co-workers to […]

8 Brilliant Tips on Improving Your Office Environment and Productivity

Studies show that in an average 8-hour workday, employees are only productive for just under 3 hours.  Phones, the internet, and socializing are all culprits as […]

9 Business Office Decorating Ideas for Small Businesses

Sure, you’re focused on making your small business a success, but is office design part of that formula? A lot of people think office decor […]

The Best Music to Listen to While Working: The 8 Best Genres and Playlists for the Office

Do you enjoy listening to music while working? Did you know music can make you perform work tasks more quickly? Listening to music while working […]

Fire Prevention Planning: How to Fireproof Your Business Office

Every 24 seconds, a fire department somewhere in the United States responds to a fire. For business owners, a fire in their business office could […]

The Modern Office: 5 Pieces of Obsolete Technology to Avoid

Employees who are forced to use outdated technology in the workplace are 750% more likely to feel frustrated with their jobs. This is an obvious […]

Finding Money for Office Construction: A How-To Guide

We’ve all heard the statistics about starting a business. Most businesses don’t make it past 10 years in operation, and quite a few of them […]

Coworking Spaces: What the Heck Are They and How Can they Benefit Your Business?

A study conducted by MBO Partners concluded that over 18 million people in America were “solopreneurs.” That number has risen exponentially since the study was […]

Benefits of Using Custom Ink Stamps for Your Business

As kids, we used to love playing with rubber stamps, experimenting with different color inks and leaving “our stamp” on just about everything we could […]

10 Clever Marketing Tips to Put Your Copy Machine Company on the Map

30 million small businesses flood America’s marketplace today. That number continues to grow as the global economy strengthens and more people are finding success as […]

7 Factors of Great Office Design Concepts

Did you know that we spend almost a third of our lives in an office? It’s important to have a design that is welcoming and […]

A Guide on How to Have a Connect Team When Employees Work Remotely

Remote working has grown in popularity over recent years to the extent that 1 in 5 Australians have three or more locations that they work […]

How to Use Microsoft Word: 5 Techniques to Make You a Master

With an estimated 1.2 billion global users, it is more than likely that you will have used Microsoft Word at one time or another during […]

Upgrade Your Space: How to Pay for an Office Renovation

According to IBIS World, the commercial property remodeling industry is worth $35 billion in 2019. Is the office renovation cost you are about to incur […]

7 Important Tips for Choosing the Best Business Phone System

There are over 30 million small businesses flooding the US marketplace. Many of those businesses are fighting for the same customers in the same niche. […]

7 Reasons Why You Should Lease Office Space for Your Business

According to the Journal of International Studies, there were over 5.6 million commercial buildings in the US as of 2012. By 2019, the commercial office space […]

How to Decorate Your Office to Increase Your Productivity

Has productivity in your office been lacking lately? It could be because you haven’t given your employees enough incentive to work hard. It could also […]

Organizing Files for Dummies: 5 Fool Proof Methods

A study by Harvard University found that people with a de-cluttered workplace work steadily for 7.5 minutes longer than people attempting the same task. If you’re […]

Sitting Pretty Comfortable: 3 Tips for Finding Good Office Chairs

Did you know that workload counts as the main reason for office stress? After all, more than 46% of people surveyed said that this is […]

Support Your Growing Business: How to Choose the Best Conference Call Service Provider

Are you looking to make communication in the workplace better? Are your colleagues often out of town? In that case, you need a great conference […]

What to Look For In Office Printers: 7 Helpful Buying Tips

What if your latest office purchase ends up being a huge waste of time and money? We’re not talking about major appliances, either. Instead, the […]

Dirty Work: Common Causes of Mold in the Workplace and How to Prevent It

Mold in the workplace can mean serious legal trouble or expensive repairs. As an employer, there are some signs you can look for to prevent […]

Level Up Your Office: 8 Great Office Gadgets You Need to Be More Productive

Did you know that the average person spends around 1,800 hours a year at their workplace? That’s a lot of time spent at the office, […]

Office Oasis: 7 Tips for Creating the Perfect Office Building Layout

Bruce Lee once said, “If you spend too much time thinking about a thing, you’ll never get it done.” That is to say, to be […]

6 Home Office Setup Tips for Your Small Business

Did you know that 52 percent of small businesses are home-based? You may be among them already or plan to operate your own business from home later […]

What Is Virtual Office Space? And How It Can Benefit Your Business

More than 5% of the US population works from home. It’s a dream for most. To be able to work in your pajamas, take breaks […]