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Marketing For Lawyers: How to Get New Clients in Less Than a Week

Did you know there are over 1 million active lawyers in the United States?

No wonder there is a lot of competition to stand out from.

Are you trying to bring in new clients to your law firm?

Keep reading to learn about marketing for lawyers to guarantee a surplus of clientele.

Marketing For Lawyers: How to Get New Clients in Less Than a Week

Part of a law firm that is able to stay in business is having a steady stream of clients coming in at all times. Marketing for lawyers is usually the biggest hangup especially when you’re fresh out of school.

Invest in Your Website

Before the internet was a major part of all our lives, people used to turn to the Yellow Pages to go find a local business. Now the Yellow Pages are a thing of the past and most people are turning to the online world to search for a business. It’s no different when they’re searching for a lawyer.

They turn on the computer and do a quick search to find the lawyer they need for their specific case. The first impression most people will get from your law firm is probably going to be your website. For this reason, you want to make sure to pay attention to every detail on your site.

Your Website Should Be Appealing

When a potential client first lands on your website you want to make sure that your site loads fast (within a couple of seconds) so that they don’t leave. You also want to make sure that your color scheme is visually appealing and professional. A couple of pictures of faces they can expect to see if they go to your office will help them feel like they know you.

People like to do business with people they know, so this will give you an advantage over someone who doesn’t invest time into their website. This useful site is a great example of what to do on your site.

Website Should Be Mobile Friendly

Most of society has a smartphone attached to their hip nowadays. When something comes to mind, the search normally happens from their phone. Since most of the searches happen from a phone, it’s important to make sure that your site is mobile friendly.

You can test your site from your phone and have friends and family test it out, too. Ask them to give you their opinion and suggestions on their mobile experience after they visit your website from their phone. Look at your website from the perspective of a client.

Create Educational Content

This is a perfect way to set yourself apart from other lawyers. Whatever type of law you specialize in, it’s good to write educational articles to set yourself as an authoritative figure on that field. Every time you write a new post, you can share it on your website or any social media platforms you have for your law firm.

You can also look for law news, write about it and share it this is content that people are reading and looking for. Providing content will help when people search for you online, which we will expand more on in a little bit.


Don’t underestimate the power of other people telling their friends and family about your firm. You can offer a referral fee for those that are spreading the word and having new clients make an appointment to come see you. Past clients are a great source to get new clients. 

You can also ask past clients if they would be willing to leave an honest review for your services and firm online or on your social media accounts. They can also give you their testimonial and you can add it to your website.

SEO Plan for Marketing Firm 

This might require you to hire experts in SEO or search engine optimization to make sure that your website is seen. There’s no point in having a perfect, fast website if no one is finding it. There are companies out there that specialize in making sure that your SEO is optimized through the use of keywords.

When people search for something like “lawyer in XYZ area”  or “lawyers for personal injury,” you want to pop up in the first page of the search results. The educational content that you create will come in handy for optimizing your SEO. 

Social Media Presence

Most people have at least one social media account if not multiple. Making sure your law firm is on social media is a big part of marketing your firm and letting people know what services you offer. 

When you and your staff are at charity events or giving an educational talk somewhere, share pictures and videos. You can also do a few minutes of live video sharing events you attend. This will help you connect with people. When they are in need of a lawyer, guess who will come to mind first?

Being on social media will also boost your local SEO. When you fill out a business social media account, you add location and type of business as part of your profile.

Market Your Firm like a Pro

Now that you have learned techniques for marketing for lawyers, you can feel more at ease that you can get new clients after applying the above. You can begin applying the methods mentioned above and see quick results.

Are you looking for more tips and ways to run a successful law firm? Check out our blog to learn more.