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7 of the Best Marketing Strategies for Law Firms

With over 1,352,027 lawyers throughout the country, it’s essential your firm stands out from the crowd. Otherwise, your competitors are attracting your clients instead.

In order to stand out, you need to step up.

With these seven essential marketing strategies for law firms, you can step up your marketing and increase your client list. 

Ready to boost online traffic, get the phone ringing, and build your law firm’s brand? Keep reading to discover the seven law firm marketing strategies you need for your firm’s long-term success. 

1. Get Your Website In Order

Instead of flipping through the Yellowpages, the majority of people now start their search for a law firm online. Is your firm’s website capable of making a strong first impression with potential clients?

If not, it’s time to get your website in order. 

Your website is essentially your firm’s 24/7 sales rep. With that in mind, what do you want potential clients to know about your firm?

Do you specialize in a specific branch of law? Maybe you want to showcase recent accolades. Either way, your website is an important marketing tool for helping your firm stand out from the crowd. 

Site Improvements

Once you have the right messaging down, you also need to consider your website’s:

  • Design (including your branding)
  • Functionality (including navigation and page speed)
  • Authority
  • Overall user experience

User experience is important, ensuring potential clients have an easy time using your site. Otherwise, they might decide to leave and take their case elsewhere. 

To improve your website’s user experience, make sure pages load quickly. You can use Google’s Page Insights to determine your site’s current speed. This tool will also list improvements you can make to speed up your site.

Next, make sure your site is mobile-friendly. Otherwise, clients will struggle to use your website on their smaller smartphones.

If a client is at the site of a car accident, they’ll want to find a lawyer quickly. A mobile-optimized website makes it easier for clients to read your content and contact you on the spot. 

Also, make sure you’re using professional photography. Images can help clients develop brand trust with your firm. Sharp images will also tell clients you’re friendly, professional, and an authority in your field. 

Make sure the text is easy to read and call-to-action buttons stand out on the page.

With these changes, you can make a strong first impression the next time a new client visits your site. These site improvements will help support the remaining marketing strategies for law firms we’ll review, too. 

2. Step Up Search

Before someone lands on your website, they need to find it, first.

Search engine optimization, or SEO, helps people find your site on search engines like Google. However, you need a thought-out SEO strategy to make sure the right people are finding your firm online. 

To step up your search engine marketing strategy, consider your clients. What are they searching for?

You can use keyword research tools such as Google’s Keyword Planner or Trends to get started. 

From there, consider content marketing strategies for law firms. Creating unique, helpful content for your clients will help attract them to your website. Make sure this content corresponds to your clients’ search queries.

For example, let’s say your clients are searching for “best car accident lawyers.” You can create a blog post listing the “Five Qualities to Look for in the Best Car Accident Lawyers.” That way, you’re providing them with content that matches their original search intent. 

SEO will help you bring clients to your website who need and want your services.

3. Partner with PPC

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is another way to find relevant clients. Unlike SEO, however, you pay each time someone clicks on your ads.

You can use Google Ads, Bing, or social media advertising platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook to create these ads. 

Remarketing is also a part of PPC advertising. With remarketing, you can display ads to potential clients after they leave your website. That way, you have a second chance to encourage potential clients to contact your firm. 

4. Love Local Strategies

Many people are looking for local law firms in their area. Local marketing strategies for law firms include:

  • Directories
  • Your firm’s Google My Business listing
  • Reviews

Directories and online listings make it easier for potential clients to contact you. Make sure this contact information remains consistent to avoid confusion. 

Make sure to get new reviews throughout the year. You can then post these reviews to your website or Google My Business listing to improve your firm’s online reputation.

You can read all about how to create a law firm marketing plan for more helpful tips.

5. Stay Social

According to this survey, 96% of lawyers use social media. Of those, 84% are on LinkedIn. However, 31% of respondents say Facebook is the most effective at attracting new clients.

Determine which platforms your clients are using. Then, develop a social media marketing strategy. Post content about recent accomplishments or promote your website’s blog posts.

That way, you stay top-of-mind and attract website traffic.

Make sure to respond to comments to show followers you’re active online. 

6. Enter Email Marketing

Another way to stay top of mind is with email marketing. 

Keep subscribers and clients up-to-date with a weekly or monthly newsletter. Let people know about your accomplishments, including noteworthy clients or big case wins. You can also curate recent social media and blog posts to boost your online traffic. 

7. Automate It

Once you have these marketing strategies for law firms in place, start automating.

Marketing automation makes it easier for firms to save time and money. You can automate:

  • Live chats
  • Contact form submissions
  • Email drip campaigns
  • Text messages
  • Call tracking
  • PPC campaigns

Removing repetitive tasks from your plate will let you keep your focus where it matters — on cases and clients!

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