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4 of the Best Personal Injury Marketing Tips for Law Firms

You know that marketing your personal injury firm is just as important as your qualifications and your court record. 

But it can be tough to find a way to promote yourself while remaining professional, following industry regulations, and ensure that you set yourself apart from your competitors. 

How can you develop a marketing plan that brings in high-profile clients while still appealing to everyone? Can you really use social media as a law firm, and how do you get it right?

Read on to learn about some of the top personal injury marketing tips that will help you to be the first person someone calls after an accident.  

1. Start a Podcast

Sure, blogging is an effective form of personal injury marketing, but what about content that consumers can enjoy on-the-go or while doing other activities? 

Not only will podcasts allow you to show off your expertise in the field of personal injury, but they’ll also let you answer common legal questions and connect with a wider market than those who only read blog posts.

Make podcasts about the signs of a brain injury after an accident, how to file for worker’s compensation, or what to do if bitten by an animal.

2. Make a Video Ad

Running an effective lawyer ad in today’s world doesn’t always mean buying up a television commercial slot or running an ad in the local paper. 

Instead, create a video ad that’s specifically designed for online use. 

You can include the video on social media, run it before relevant YouTube videos, include it in your marketing emails, and simply post it online for everyone to enjoy. 

3. Work with Relevant Local Businesses 

As a personal injury firm, your local professional network is one of the most important things to have in your corner. 

Make sure you connect with relevant businesses like medical practices, private investigators, mechanic shops, and psychologists. Not only will this give you more resources to pull from when you’re working on your next case.

You can also cross-promote each other on social media, create a referral network between yourselves, and simply hand out one another’s business cards to clients. 

4. Invest in Promotional Products

Though promotional products are still an effective form of personal injury marketing, today’s free swag is definitely different than in the past. 

Think outside the legal pad and pen, and select more creative products that you know people will actually use. 

Try branded USB keys, a branded whistle clients can blow when in danger or even a branded stress ball that your clients can take out their frustration on. 

Want Even More Personal Injury Marketing Tips? 

This list of personal injury marketing tips is the perfect starting point, but there are countless other ways to prove that you’re among the best personal injury lawyers in your area.  

Whether you want to learn how to write the perfect blog post or need to know how to optimize your site for search engines, we’re here to help. 

Keep reading our posts to get the marketing advice you need to kick your competitors to the curb.