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Social Media Marketing for Law Firms: Should Attorneys Tweet?

Should attorneys tweet? 

The short answer: yes!

The long answer: yes, if you’re doing it as a strategic component of your social media marketing. 

You see, there are several benefits to social media marketing for law firms. Individual attorneys can even contribute in fun and important ways. 

And hey, we get it. You’ve got a big caseload. You’re running around more often than not. But you still need to make time for your marketing efforts if you plan on staying busy. 

Still not convinced? Here are three reasons why attorneys should tweet (and post, and share). 

Win New Clients

The most obvious benefit of social media engagement is simple: you can win new clients. 

An effective online presence makes you visible to clients you might not have otherwise accessed. It gives them a chance to meet you (sort of) and get a sense for your law firm. 

For individual attorneys, it can even give clients a sense of who you are and what you value. You can talk about important issues, but you can also mix it up with engaging visuals and much-needed, much-appreciated lawyer humor. 

Establish Thought Leadership

Social media also gives you the opportunity to establish yourself and your firm as thought leaders in your practice area. 

People are attracted to industry thought leaders because they’re attracted to valuable information. They like that they can rely on your profile to teach them something they didn’t know before. 

And where the law is concerned, that might just be something that makes or breaks a case for them. 

Plus, if your followers see you as a thought leader, they’re more inclined to think of you as knowledgable in your practice area. When it comes to legal cases, people would always rather have an expert than an amateur. 

Enhance Your Reputation

Finally, posting on social media regularly can help enhance your reputation with your current and future client base. 

In many ways, your online reputation is more important than your offline one. Your offline reputation is built and maintained through in-person contact, which means you can control it hands-on. 

But your online reputation can be accessed and judged at any time. After all, what you post on the Internet is out there forever. 

Why not take advantage of that? 

Social media gives you the chance to monitor the conversation about your firm and take charge of it. So if you’re a criminal defense lawyer, for example, you can ensure that you’re spreading positive press. 

Making Sense of Social Media Marketing for Law Firms

Social media marketing for law firms is often viewed as either baffling (by attorneys) or cold and dry (by clients). The truth is, good social media marketing can help elevate your firm to the next level and teach your clients who you are. 

So why not take charge of the narrative? 

If you need more advice to get proactive with your social media, check out our blog for all kinds of useful posts that will help your firm grow and thrive.