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What, Like It’s Hard? Your Legally Awesome Guide to Marketing for Legal Firms

You’ve finally done it! You’ve started your own law firm you’ve got an amazing team a great website and… no clients. This situation is devastating especially for legal firms new to online marketing.

Or maybe your firm has clients but you feel you could do better. 

There’s no better time to revamp your marketing strategy than at the beginning of a new year. But if you’re nervous about run your own online marketing because of all the tech developments that happened last year then fear not.

We’ve created the perfect guide to marketing for legal firms.

Run a Blog

This one seems confusing for people new to marketing. Most people don’t want their site to do more than market their services. But if you’re using your site like this then you’re missing out on an amazing marketing opportunity.

Running your own blog can be one of the greatest assets to your law firm marketing strategy. 

Your clients want to know that you know your stuff. Creating a blog gives you the chance to flex your legal knowledge and show your clients that you can break down legal information in a way they can understand.

Running a blog especially if it’s about current issues will let you generate traffic to your site and shows that you’re up to date on the latest law news.

A blog also gives you the ability to build a relationship with your clients. Having FAQ pages and partner bios can help clients get to know your brand.

Keywords, Keywords, Keywords

This may seem like online marketing for law firms 101 but the most important part of your SEO strategy is using keywords.  

A word of caution it’s tempting to think the more keywords will automatically equal more sales. You may feel you have to stuff as many keywords as possible into your posts but resists this temptation. 

Trying to add keywords everywhere even when they don’t fit will just make the writing seem unnatural and unprofessional. And ironically using keywords in a sloppy way can actually hurt rather than help your rankings.

Video Content 

The best ways to find younger clients and build connections with your potential clients is to produce video content. 

Making well-produced video content creates a sense of trust with your audience. This is because people often place more trust in people they can see. This also gives you the chance to show your professionalism and your courtroom demeanor. 

One great example of this is the youtube channel LegalEagle who has amassed millions of views by responding to legal tv shows and answering questions about popular cases in the news.

Keep in mind that video content is some of the easiest content to share. Videos are a major part of social media marketing for lawyers.

Optimize for Voice Searching 

By 2020 almost half of all searches will be voice searches. If you want your company to las that long you need to make sure that your audience can easily search for you.

This is good news and bad news for your company. Let us explain, when you search something manually you get dozens of pages with millions of results. If your site is low on page 1 you might get some traffic even if you’re not high on the page.

But most voice search software limits the number of visible results for each search so if your site is one of the top results you have less competition but if your site isn’t you’re gonna get fewer clients. 

But how do you optimize your searches for voice programs?

The first step is to adopt longer keywords and phrases. When people type they tend to shortened keywords to save time they often use abbreviations. But when people talk they’re much more conversational so they tend to speak in complete sentences and use full words and phrases.

Another great option is to claim your My Google Business Listing. Most voice search programs provide very localized results so giving Google information about your businesses makes you more able to find local clients.  

Learn From the Competition

Competition research and data collection can save you when it comes to marketing for yourself. If your a smaller company just starting out learning from larger companies that have large SEO budgets can help you start on your own law firm marketing. 

Collecting data on your competition also helps you get a better idea about what your clients want and how to best serve them. 

This also gives you a good idea about which marketing strategies to avoid. Because as someone wise once said learn from someone else’s mistakes you can’t make them all yourself.

More Tips for Marketing for Legal Firms

Tailor your law firm website to suit your audience. For example, Roberts Law Office‘s website is specifically designed to appeal to people seeking lawyers in Kentucky. Learn from the best law firm websites before you create your own.

Make sure your landing page is frequently updated to drive traffic to your site you should also have separate landing pages for all areas of business your company has.

Mobile will only continue to become more important so if your site isn’t set up for phone users yet than you might be missing out on traffic.

Submit guest posts. By submitting information to other publications you’re showing that you’re an expert in your field and building up your credibility.

Set Your Small Business Up for Sucess

Online marketing for legal firms doesn’t have to be complicated. By improving your online presence you can build up your credibility and trust and attract new clients.

If you want more ways of running a successful law firm check out our blog.