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The Ultimate Law Firm Marketing Plan: Timeline, Budget, and Goals

Law firms exist in a crowded market. There are more lawyers than there were 10 years ago, meaning you have to work harder to get clients.

You can rely on referral for your clients or you can turn to marketing your law firm. Law firm marketing requires a slightly different approach than most industries.

Read on to discover what it really takes to have a successful marketing campaign for your law firm.

Outline Your Marketing Goals

The first step is to figure out what you want marketing to do for your law firm. A survey of marketers reported that marketers who have concrete goals are 376% more likely to be successful.

What are your goals? You want to have 2-3 major goals for your campaign. For example, you can say that you want to increase personal injury claim leads by 20% in 6 months.

Your goals should be specific and have a timeline of completion attached. This will keep your campaign focused and on track.

Write Your Law Firm Marketing Plan

Once you have your goals, you’ll want to write your marketing plan. The bulk of your marketing plan will be focused on your target market and the tactics you use to reach them. You’ll need to include a little bit about your competition and how your firm compares.

Out of your target market research, you’ll determine the best messages to reach them. For example, in a personal injury case, you can use messaging like “get the reward that you deserve.”

It addresses the most pressing problem with injury claims – that people don’t get rewarded in court for their injuries and traumas.

The marketing tactics are the ways that you’ll choose to reach your target audience. That can be anything from social media advertising, SEO, or Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising. You can also use display ads in your campaign as well.

No matter what tactics you use, you want to make sure that you target the places where your target market is. You may try Facebook advertising because it’s affordable, but you’re wasting money if your intended audience doesn’t use the platform.

Setting Your Marketing Budget

You’ll want to keep a spreadsheet with the associated costs of your marketing plan. You’ll need to decide if you want to keep marketing in-house or outsource it to a marketing firm.

You may decide to do a hybrid approach where you keep some things in-house but outsource SEO or PPC marketing.

If you keep things in-house, make sure you have the internal labor costs listed in your budget. It will give you a good idea as to how much you’re really spending on marketing.

Are You Paying Too Much?

Law firm marketing is expensive. The cost per click for some keywords can be over $100. Multiply that by 100 and you’re paying $10,000 for 100 clicks to your site.

Now, if one of those clicks turns into a client, that can be lucrative for you. Some personal injury cases may be in the millions of dollars.

Now, if you’re getting bankruptcy clients, that’s going to be different. One client may be worth $1500 – $3000 for your services. If you spent $100 per click, you’d have to have a much higher conversion rate. Otherwise, you’ll lose a lot of money each month.

You have to weigh how much each client is worth to decide how much you want to spend on marketing your firm. You should also consider the lifetime value of that client.

In some legal areas, you work with clients once and that’s it. People file bankruptcy once and then that’s it. They can’t file again for 10 years if they need to file at all.

Business law, on the other hand, requires repeated use of your firm. A business may have you look over contacts or put your firm on retainer. The lifetime value of the customer would be very high.

The higher the lifetime value of a client, the more you can afford to spend on acquiring leads.

Expecting Results

The biggest mistake the attorneys and entrepreneurs make is that they’re impatient. They try something once for a week and decide that it doesn’t work.

Marketing campaigns require patience. You have to test to find what isn’t working, make adjustments, and test again.

In other words, failure is good in marketing. Let’s say you launch a pay-per-click campaign for bankruptcy cases and it’s not doing anything for your law firm.

You have two choices. You can throw your hands up in the air and chase another marketing tactic. You could look at the analytics and see why your campaign isn’t working.

You decide to choose the second option. You look at the analytics and find that your clickthrough rate is low. When people do click to your landing page, they convert.

You make a change to the headline of the ad. You let the ad run for about a week before you check again. You find that your campaign is improved. You have the leads to prove it. That one simple change brought in more potential clients and revenue for your firm.

The lesson here is that good marketing takes a lot of patience and tweaking to make it work.

Law Firm Marketing That Brings Results

If you’re going to invest in law firm marketing, you want to make sure your firm gets results. That can be in the form of more leads, more clients, and more revenue for your firm.

You’ll get great results when you outline your goals, your budget, and the best tactics to reach your target audience. You have to remember that marketing takes patience. You need to give your campaigns time to build momentum and adjust them.

You don’t want to abandon your campaign without giving it a proper chance to be successful. You’ll win if you approach it from a failure and learning perspective. It may seem expensive at first, but the payoff is big.

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