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5 Types of Lawyer and When to Hire Them

If you’re in a legal mess – or want to sue someone – you need a lawyer. Sounds simple, right?

But did you know there are over 1.3 million licensed attorneys in the United States – and they all have a specialism? Knowing which types of lawyer you’re likely to need for your situation will help you find the right attorney.

Read this quick-look guide to discover the most common attorney types and what they’re qualified to help you with.

Do You Need a Defense or Prosecution Attorney?

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve been in a car accident or someone is accusing you of corporate negligence: they type of lawyer you need will operate on one of two sides.

A defense attorney will help to build a case to defend you against litigation or a prison sentence if you have been accused of a crime or malpractice.

On the other hand, a prosecution attorney is there to help if you’ve been wronged by someone else and want to take them to court.

5 Types of Lawyers You Might Need

When you’re looking for the right lawyer, consider the area of law you need an expert in. Is it a business issue? A medical negligence lawsuit? Perhaps a Government department has treated you unfairly.

Here’s how to decide if one of these lawyer types will be able to help your legal situation.

1. Criminal Defense Attorney

If you’ve been arrested by the police and charged, you’ll need a criminal defense attorney like Brown, Bradshaw & Moffat. A defense lawyer knows the minute details of federal and state justice systems.

They’ll help you build a defense for a court trial. They can also advise you during investigations while you’re under arrest or caution, and help negotiate your sentence terms if you’re found guilty by the court or admit to the crime.

2. Family Lawyer

Family lawyers are most commonly used for divorce cases. They’re experienced in the legal matters but also in mediation and negotiation: their role is to make sure you get a good deal in your divorce.

Family lawyers can also handle custody cases, childcare issues, and pre-nuptial agreements. 

3. Personal Injury Lawyer

A personal injury lawyer helps you to sue a company, organization, or individual that caused you harm either directly or indirectly. This could be an accident in the workplace, for example, or after an automotive accident.

You can also use a defense attorney specializing in debunking the case brought to you that you – or your business – caused harm either deliberately or through negligence.

4. Public Prosecutor or District Attorney

The public prosecution, or District Attorney (DA), brings cases of interest to the public against individuals.

If you’re the victim of a crime, for example, the DA will represent your side in the court case.

5. Employment Lawyer

An employment lawyer acts either for businesses or employees. They may draft contracts, advise on HR issues, and assist corporations in navigating complex employment law.

On the other side, an employment lawyer can represent a member of staff during a grievance, accusation, or employment tribunal.

More Legal Tips for Your Business

Navigating legal avenues for your business – and personal life – is tricky. You’re likely to require several different types of lawyer as your company grows and succeeds.

It always helps to equip yourself with some knowledge first, however, so you know the basics of taxes, corporate law, and employment regulations before hiring an attorney. Check out our blogs for lots of tips to help you run an efficient business on the right side of the law!