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It’s Not Like It’s Hard! 3 Simple Law Office Management Tips to Run a Better Business

As an attorney, you know firsthand just how much time those mundane – but important – office tasks can take up. 

You never want to compromise the quality of your work, but you also wish there was a more efficient way to manage your time.

Read on to learn three of the most important law office management tips. 

After all, your time should be spent building the best possible case for your clients, not filing paperwork. 

1. Make Your Website Work for You

Part of successful law office management is learning how to take some of the more mundane tasks off your plate. 

This includes things like setting and rescheduling appointments, collecting payments, and even answering the most common questions clients often call into to ask you. 

So, how can you do all this? 

Through your website. See this site as a great example of just how much your practice’s website can accomplish for you. 

Have an FAQ page that answers top legal questions. Install a chatbot to direct clients towards the internal page that’s most helpful to them. Set up a payment portal that allows clients to handle their bills online. Embed appointment scheduling tools on your site.

Now, you’ll have much more time to focus on your individual clients and your overall law firm management.

2. Implement A Document Management System 

Another key part of law office management? 

Coming up with a specific policy for physical and electronic document storage.

You’ll need to have a tiered organization system that first allows you to arrange paperwork by case, client, and employee. The same goes for all of your internal documentation (expense reports, bookkeeping, billing, etc.)

You’ll also need to further define that documentation by court paperwork, witness statements/interviews, legal/medical/insurance records, and much more. 

Above all, you must ensure the security of these documents.

Check out this list of the most effective practice management software. 

3. Understand the Right Ways to Delegate

Law office managers need to feel confident in their delegation skills

You can’t review every case, re-examine the law every day, fill out paperwork, and also meet with clients and make it to court. 

Instead, hire a paralegal (or several, depending on your practice’s size) and other lawyers to help get the “busy work” and initial research done. 

They can conduct client interviews, draft legal documents, and more

Set realistic deadlines and closely monitor employee progress throughout.

Make your expectations clear from the get-go, and always review any work you’ve delegated before sending it out to a client.

Try These Law Office Management Tips Today 

In order to develop an effective law office management strategy, you need to focus on delegation, document organization/accessibility, and automating the tasks you can through your website. 

This will allow you to get more out of every workday, grow your practice, and make your clients feel like a priority. 

Need a few tips on how to onboard new employees? Interested in exploring scheduling software? Ready to hire an IT firm to help with security?

Our blog will help you learn the best way to do all that and more.

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