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Employee Motivation Tips

Performance reviews vary from company to company, however, the principles still exist in how to appraise an employee's performance.

These tips will assist you in getting started and how to prepare for the evaluation, trying to stay motivated and inspired is the key to your performance review.

Step 1: Prepare and Accumulate

You owe it to your employee to have an in-depth knowledge of their role and performance. Have a list prepared of their strengths and weaknesses, their performance on tasks and goals completed and a summary of their overall performance, set objectives for the next review.

Step 2: Outline your Agenda

This review is a joint conversation between you and the employee, agree on a set date and time and ask the employee to carry out a self evaluation so you may discuss this at the meeting. List your areas of responsibility, where can you improve and where you have succeeded.

Step 3: Communicate

During your meeting encourage your employee to open up to you and express where they think you could do a better job, go through their self evaluation and be objective, honest, open and of course realistic towards your goals and accomplishments. Compare the performance reviews from the past and work together to formulate a plan for the future.

Step 4: Development and Growth

While reviewing the past performance and discussing goals and achievements you also need to conclude the meeting with a positive outlook for moving forward, at the end of the day the past has already happened and although we can carve the way for our future, the past cannot be changed - move on. Set a plan of action for future goals and accomplishments which are achievable and sustainable. This would also be a good time to talk about training and ability needs.

Step 5: Agree

Conclude the review by summarising the points discussed, write everything down, thank the employee for their cooperation and ask them for their input regarding how you can become a better manager. Sign the review form.