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Legal Filing: Organization Tips for Lawyers

Did you know the average lawyer generates anywhere between 20,000 and 100,000 printed pages every year?

Although modern lawyers and law firms are going paperless, most still rely on physical paperwork. How do you stay organized when dealing with such a vast amount of documentation? You need a practical legal filing system.

As a busy attorney, you probably don’t have enough time to figure out how to organize your files properly. That’s why we’re sharing useful law office organization tips.

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Clear Your Mind

Having a clear mind is key to being an organized lawyer. The more you keep things that are not work-related on your mind, the less likely you’re to focus fully on your tasks and stay organized. It also becomes easier to get distracted and make mistakes, which is the last thing you want when working on a case.

Tidy Up Your Desk

It’s not uncommon to find piles of documents strewn over a lawyer’s desk. If this describes your desk, you’re making it difficult to stay organized. A neat desk not only makes it easier to access the files you need but also helps keep your mind decluttered.

Develop a habit of keeping files for active cases only on your desk. And at the end of each day, store away the documents that you no longer need.

Create Adequate Storage Space in the Office

Many states require law firms to retain case documents for at least six years. Some firms store them for an even longer period.

Your office needs adequate storage space to handle the mountains of paperwork that it generates. Luckily, there are various law office storage solutions, such as cabinets and shelves, you can install.

Modern firms are also embracing digital solutions for storing legal files. You can create digital copies of physical documents and store them on cloud servers. This means you can do away with the physical documents sooner and free up more physical space for new files.

Staying Organized Away From the Office

Your law office might be your primary worksite, but you probably spend a lot of time in courts, clients’ offices/homes, and other settings.

How do you stay organized when you’re away from the office, especially when you need to carry case files? Don’t just shove them into your laptop bag. Make use of items such as a lawyer’s briefcase to keep your files properly sorted.

Supplies such as exhibit tabs help you keep court files well-organized. Check out for an unbeatable selection.

Legal Filing Should Be Least of Your Worries

As an attorney, you have the important job of helping keep the wheels of justice turning. The last thing you want to worry about is legal filing and office organization. Yet, proper organization is key to your success.

Use these tips to keep your mind, briefcase, desk, and office well-organized and free of clutter. And, keep an eye on our blog for more lawyer advice and tips.