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10 Tips and Tricks for Excellent Personal Injury Law Firm Marketing

If your law firm specializes in personal injury, you know that there are many potential clients out there who need help. The questions is, how do you reach them?

You are probably also competing with numerous other lawyers who are seeking this kind of work. You need to know how to reach your target audience without breaking the bank.

Here are ten tips on law firm marketing which will bring you the kinds of clients you are looking for without taking too much money or time away from your practice.

1. Know Your Audience

If you are trying to establish a reputation as a go-to attorney in your area, you need to know who is looking for people with your skills. 

If you focus on people harmed by certain medical devices, you may be looking at an older population who are less internet savvy.  If you are focusing on people hurt in car accidents, you are going after a different demographic.

Every marketing plan has to have a specific audience in mind. 

2. Make Sure Clients Can Find You 

Those seniors who may need help in a slip and fall case or medical malpractice? They are less likely to look for an attorney online and more likely to use a phone book. They may also ask their friends and doctors for recommendations.

You are going to market to them differently than you would to truck drivers under 25 involved in accidents. 

Whether you choose traditional methods like an ad in the local paper or sophisticated digital marketing, you need to be easily found. If someone Googles “car accident, Texas” and you practice personal liability law in Dallas, you want your name to come up immediately! 

3. Have a Website that is Clear and Easy to Use 

People of all ages increasingly use the internet for all their information, so it is key to come up in searches related to your services.  If you have a limited budget, the best money you can spend on your law firm marketing is on a good website. 

Your website should include your photo, a description of your credentials, and a quick and easy way to get in touch with you. Many law firms benefit from an auto response mechanism which immediately sends a personal message to anyone clicking on their site.

Engaging potential clients immediately is key to growing your practice. A good website can help. 

4. Are you Google-able? 

Your site does not have to be fancy. Just make sure it comes up when someone asks Google a question that should lead to you, like “the best way to get a facet joint injury settlement?”

You can talk to experts on search engine optimization to help you rise high in search results. They will help you choose keywords that will come up in specific searches. They can also ensure that your business address is easy to find through Google Maps and Google My Business. 

5. The Phone Book Still Works

Don’t forget the phone book! Some people still look for assistance in the old fashioned way. For people uncomfortable with computers, the Yellow Pages is still a reliable way for lawyers to be found by people who need what you offer. 

For minimal cost, you can take out a small ad which will remain for a year and be delivered to everyone within a specific geographic region. You never know who may open up the book in search of an attorney. 

6. Use Your Network 

Effective law firm marketing can be absolutely free. You can pick up the phone and chat with your friends from high school, your summer employers, and your colleagues from previous jobs. Who knows who has been hurt in an accident or knows someone who has? 

Networking is key to building a successful practice. You may become involved in your local Bar Association to raise your profile amongst lawyers who might later recommend you. You might become a sponsor of a local sports team and start socializing with a wide range of people in your community. 

You never know when someone might need legal advice. If you have already created a relationship, they will pick up the phone when they need you. 

7. Provide Information 

Another great way to promote your practice is to provide people with information. You can do this by publishing articles in magazines or even on your own website or blog. Establish yourself as an expert.

If you are a personal injury lawyer, draft a piece about what to expect when you sue a large corporation which is responsible for injuries. Explain to the layman the process of a class action suit against a manufacturer whose negligence caused harm.

8. Talk to the Press 

You can also raise your profile amongst potential clients by making friends with reporters. Give interviews on legal matters where your perspective has value.

If there is a terrible bus accident in your city, give the local paper a quote on how the accident might have been prevented or what happens to people in these situations. Later on,  people may come to you with similar questions, because you know your stuff.

9. Get Involved in Your Community 

The more people in your community know who you are and what you do, the more likely they will remember you when they are in a situation where you can help. Get out there!

Many local attorneys use their legal knowledge in ways that help others, on local boards of charities or with organizations involved in philanthropic activities. Some serve on local governments.

By establishing yourself as a leader, you create trust amongst potential clients. When they see you helping others, they will feel comfortable reaching out to you when they are in a crisis where they need legal advice. 

10. Make Referrals 

Other lawyers may be your competition, but they can also be your best allies. If someone calls your friend Joe about a personal liability issue when he is a tax specialist, you want Joe to refer them to you.

The best way to get others to refer you business is to refer them business as well. It’s a two-way street. When one of your clients asks you a tax question,  tell them to call Joe. He won’t forget it! 

Law Firm Marketing: It’s Easier Than You Think 

A small amount of effort and investment in law firm marketing can make a big difference in the growth and strength of your practice. Whatever your special talents, you can use them to reach potential clients.

If you are a writer, you can publish articles to establish your reputation as an expert. If you are gregarious, go out and network.

By getting your name and credentials out there to the people who will need you in the future, you will lay the foundation for a long-lived and successful practice.

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