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4 Signs You Need an Intellectual Property Lawyer

There’s nothing like the satisfaction of landing upon your genius idea. It might take weeks, months, or even years of endless work, but finally, you land upon a brilliant and genius invention that can change the world.

However, before you can start getting it in front of potential buyers, you need to make sure your idea is protected. The last thing you want is for someone to steal all your hard work and make it their own.

This is when you might want to consider hiring an intellectual property lawyer. There’s a lot of steps that go into protecting the complex ideas that fall under the umbrella of intellectual property.

Read on and we’ll walk you through a few signs that might indicate you’re ready to bring an attorney onto your case.

1. You Need to File a Patent

Not everyone can file a patent. In fact, not even every attorney has the power to file a patent with the U.S. patent office. 

Even a provisional patent application will need to be filed by someone with the proper accreditation. That means passing a test and registering officially with the patent office. That’s a background that only an intellectual property lawyer has.

Patent lawyers also must show that they are heavily educated within a certain field to even be eligible to take a test. They might be a whizz at programming, know everything about engineering, or be expert technicians. 

There’s a wide variety of subjects they might be masters of, but they are indeed masters of something. This plays an important part in their ability to maneuver the patent system.

If you’ve done all the work of coming up with an idea and you’re ready to file a patent? You’ll need an intellectual property lawyer to help you file. Unless you’ve managed to garner all the above qualifications on your own (unlikely!), you have no other choice but to hire some legal help to get you through.

2. You’re in a Time Crunch

You’ve got your brilliant invention sitting in your garage, ready to change everyday human life as we know it. Time is of the essence.

After all, what if someone comes up with the same idea and beats you to the punch? There are hundreds of thousands of patent applications submitted each year. There’s bound to be one that’s more similar to your own than you might be comfortable with.

So once you’ve finished your creation, you’ll want it protected as soon as possible. 

The only way to ensure this is to have an expert help you with your patent information. A patent attorney will have years of experience working with the patent office. They’ll be able to anticipate potential obstacles and objects and give you a better chance at success.

That means you’ll be able to avoid rejections and interruptions that might slow your eventual approval from the patent office. 

They’ll be able to navigate the patent system with skill and precision, and may even have relationships that can help speed the process up. Time is money, as they say, and it’s well worth investing your money in the help of a patent attorney if you’re worried about getting proper protection fast.

3. You Don’t Know How to Write a Patent

You’re a very skilled individual in many ways. But let’s face the facts: writing a patent is a difficult task. You have to be able to convey numerous technical details in the exact right way and request the exact kind of patent.

The chance of making a mistake if you take on this kind of task on your own is enormous. Even if you have a very simple invention, the process of getting a patent for it can be anything but.

There are so many simple omissions, oversights, or phrasings that can cause the patent office to misinterpret your invention. Any minor mistake might be enough to get your application thrown out. Then you’ll have lost both time and money, and you’ll have nothing to show for it.

Even if you insist on writing your own patent, it’s a good idea to have a patent attorney read over it for you. This way, they can help advise you on potential pitfalls you might run into.

You can save a little money this way, as having an attorney read your patent will likely cost less than having them write it. 

4. You Need Advice or Guidance

If you’ve never submitted a patent before, you may feel lost as you read more and more about the process. As we’ve mentioned, it’s a very complicated process and it can be difficult or even stressful to go through on your own.

You’ve put a lot of blood and tears into your invention and it can make the patent process particularly harrowing. Going at it alone with no one to turn to can be tough on your emotions.

Hiring an attorney to handle the patent process can take a load off of your shoulders. It can give you a partner in crime to turn to when you need advice. It will also allow you to go to sleep at night with less of a burden on your shoulder.

With an experienced patent attorney on your case, you can rest easy at night knowing your case is in good hands. 

When to Hire an Intellectual Property Lawyer

Applying for a patent can be a more difficult process than coming up with an invention in the first place. As such, you may need to hire an intellectual property lawyer to see that you get through the application process quickly and correctly.

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