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Important Questions to Ask When You Hire Personal Assistant Roles

Would you like to hire a personal assistant to help you get your job done more efficiently? Some people have a personal assistant to take care of some […]

5 Tips for How to Promote Diversity in the Workplace

This past year brought more awareness to the importance of diversity among employees and job applicants. Unfortunately, many workplaces lack the diversity they need. In […]

How Small Businesses Can Fully Tap Into Contract Workers

Are you looking to expand your small business by hiring contract workers? This is a great option as it can help your business reach its […]

How to Manage Remote Employees

Productivity and increasing profitability are top priorities for most business owners. Managing long-distance team members can be a real challenge. This is because remote workers […]

Should You Outsource IT Services for Your Small Business?

If you have a small business and you’ve been managing your IT on your own, you know how it can totally wear you down. You […]

4 Tips for Hiring Personal Assistants

Nothing is as essential in life as time. And, more than ever right now, people feel that they don’t have enough of it. In fact, […]

Working From Home: 5 Essential Tips

Being able to work from home has its perks. You can get a lot done without physically being present in a workspace. If you’re getting […]

Why You Should Have A Clock-n System for Employees Who Are Remote

The average U.S. worker works 5.8 remote workdays per month, with up to 92% of employees working remotely at least one day per week. Employees […]

A Guide to Hiring Employees for Your Business

Are you thinking about hiring employees for your business? Despite the ongoing pandemic, small businesses continue to open as people express a desire to contribute […]

5 Benefits of Hiring a Supply Chain Recruiting Firm

Until the COVID-19 pandemic reached our shores, the supply chain department might have been going underappreciated. Facing a major global supply chain disruption, businesses had […]

4 Basic Tips for Managing Remote Employees

Global and pandemic threats have forced every business to adapt to working remotely. While it has plenty of advantages for your company, managing remote employees […]

Retention Strategies: How to Reduce the Cost of Employee Turnover

The average employee turnover rate for companies in the U.S. is over 57%. How can you make sure you retain the talent you need while […]

How to Increase Employee Motivation

It’s a rare thing to love your job. In fact, studies show that 50% of Americans hate their jobs. Of course, we would all prefer […]

How to Become a Digital Marketing Manager

Do you have a unique view on digital marketing? Do you think you can come up with strategies to help various clients gain customers through […]

What Is Time Card Fraud and How Do You Prevent It?

Did you know that time-theft schemes affect around 75% of US businesses? Timecard fraud is a big problem for employers. You’d like to believe that […]

How Hard Is It to Hire Employees?

It may come as a surprise to learn that over 600,000 businesses are started in the United States each year. One of the most important […]

How to Manage Time-Off Requests Effectively and Fairly

The average US worker will get ten days of paid leave every year, depending on the company they work for. Every employer knows how stressful […]

This Is How to Hire Employees for Your Small Business

In the United States, it takes an average of twenty-four days for a company to hire a new employee. That means the company is understaffed […]

Roger That: 3 Great Reasons You Need Two-Way Radios for Business Communication

If you had to get in touch with an employee right this minute, how would you do it? They might miss a phone call or […]

6 Ways To Improve Your Company’s Employee Training

While a fair raise is a good bait, it’s not the primary reason employees choose to remain longer at a company. Employees last long at […]

What Is the Average Cost of Hiring a New Employee?

Are you looking for ways to help your company expand gracefully? Do you fear that adding a new employee is going to put too much […]

New Beginnings: 7 Tips for Going Back to Work After a Long Absence

Have you been out of work for a while? A little scared to go back?  That’s okay.  A long break from the workforce can totally […]

7 Reasons Your Business Needs a Talent Acquisition Agency

If you run a company that is looking for new hires, it’s always in your best interest to use a talent acquisition company. It’s no […]

The Brief Guide That Makes Hiring a CFO Simple

Did you know the average CFO salary in 2021 was $399,062? This figure highlights the valuable contribution these professionals can make to a business. By performing […]

Top Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Headhunting Company

If you’re having problems finding employees for your company, you aren’t the only one. Even though there are many job openings out there, most companies […]

7 Talent Sourcing Strategies To Help Find the Right Employees

Are you struggling with talent sourcing for your company? Whether you are a business owner or a hiring manager, finding the best talent for your […]

4 Common Hiring Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Did you know that the average cost to hire a new employee is $4,129? If you are currently in the process of filling a position […]

How to Hire Diverse Employees: The Basics Explained

Hiring diverse employees for your company can bring greater creativity and reach within your team. You will be able to explore different viewpoints on a […]

How to Start a Temp Agency From Scratch

Have you thought about starting a temp agency? It’s a great way to make money and to help professionals find quick work. It’s one of […]

What to Look for When Hiring a Manager for Your Business

So, your business is growing. Congratulations! From the day-to-day operations to the bigger more time-consuming tasks, running your business is just too big of a […]

9 Reasons Why Small Businesses Should Opt for IT Outsourcing

Now more than ever, it has become crucial to save money in an incredibly unpredictable marketplace. According to Deloitte’s 2020 global outsourcing survey, the outsourcing […]

Get Your Swag on: 7 Awesome Company Swag Ideas

How can you make employees feel like part of your community while advertising your brand too? Swag, of course!  If you want to get the […]

5 Amazing Things a PEO Company Can Do For Your Business

Business owners dash from task to task and decision to decision. This often prompts long hours since you must still deal with time-intensive tasks like […]

Solving Staffing Issues: What You Need to Know About Hiring Contract Workers

About 10% of all workers in the U.S. are independent contractors. Small businesses and large corporations alike turn to contract workers to save costs on […]

Can Your Business Benefit From Hiring Freelancers?

As a small business owner, you might be thinking about hiring a freelancer verse an employee for certain tasks related to your business.  Reports show that […]

All Aboard: 5 Ways That Tech Can Help With Onboarding

Have you ever sat up in bed one night and thought to yourself “Gee, I’d sure love to toss tons of time and money down […]

Why You Should Start Using an Applicant Tracker Today

Recruiters and human resource professionals are familiar with resumes flooding their inbox. The average corporation gets 250 resumes for a single job posting. With so […]

How to Earn More Money Freelancing (Even If You’re New at It)

Due to low pay, poor benefits and vacation time, and long commutes, more and more people are ditching their full-time jobs in pursuit of a […]

3 Essential Tips for Better Workplace Wellbeing

Your office space impacts your employees’ wellbeing, and your employees’ wellbeing impacts your office space.  The better your workspace is, the more focused and motivated […]

4 Signs It’s Time to Add a Human Resources Department to Your Business

Let’s face it. You didn’t go into business to get bogged down with wasted pursuits. However, it can be challenging when you’re being pulled in […]

10 Virtual Office Assistant Roles Your Business Would Benefit From Using

Did you know it’s three times cheaper to hire a virtual office assistant than a full-time employee? This is one of the many advantages of […]

4 Important Types of Employee Benefits You Should Know About

Let’s face it, people who are looking for a job aren’t looking to just make money. They decide who to work for by looking at […]

What Makes Employees Happy at Work? This Is What You Can Do

Believe it or not, the average person will spend a third of their life at work. That’s why it’s so important to choose a career […]

Understanding the Remote Work Shift: 10 Tips to Make It Successful

The world is changing towards a remote work lifestyle.  Due to the current times, we are living in, more and more people are embracing this […]

A Detailed Guide to the Different Types of Workplace Harassment

Did you know that both in large and small companies, 32% of employees claim to experience workplace harassment? When you accept a job, you believe […]

The Top 3 Best iPad Apps for Scheduling Your Employees

You had another no-show today at work because of your confusing scheduling. Your old ways of doing the schedule just aren’t working out anymore. Luckily, […]

5 Effective Hiring Tips for Small Businesses

There are about 30.2 million small businesses in the United States.  If you’re one of those millions of small businesses, you’ll have a lot of competition. […]

How to Deal With Problem Employees: The Only Guide You Need

When a company has employees that are problems to work with, it can create a hostile work environment that drains productivity. Some general categories of […]

7 Ways to Improve Culture in the Workplace

Research shows companies with a strong work culture are more likely to outperform competitors by 20 percent.  It’s no secret that refining culture in the […]

How to Train Employees Effectively: A Simple Guide

Employees are the backbone of your business. You could have the best business idea, plans, and marketing, but if you don’t have good employees, don’t […]

5 Tried-And-Tested Ways to Improve Human Capital Management

Are you and your business looking for different ways to keep your top-tier talent in the house? Do you need a new method to train your […]

Can You Be Fired for Being Injured on the Job? This is What to Know

We all deserve to go to work feeling confident and safe about our well-being. Unfortunately, even in the most well-equipped environments, accidents still happen.  Workplace […]

What Are the Benefits of Using a Return to Work Program for Employees?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that nonfatal workplace injuries in the private industry were 2.8 million in 2017. Additionally, there were about 5,147 fatal […]

7 Soft Skills Successful Business Owners Look For

Soft skills are the characteristics that potential employers are looking for that aren’t always in the job listing. The job description may ask for a […]

How to Get Hired: 3 Secret Tips Nobody Will Tell You

In 2019, there were over 3 million students graduating from universities all across the US. This means a whole new group of people joining the […]

Go Team Go! 5 Motivation Ideas You Need to Try on Your Employees

Even the best employees lose motivation after a long time of repeating mundane tasks every day. This may lower the productivity of your team, which […]

You’re Hired: 7 Tips That Will Make Getting a Job Easier

They say in today’s capitalistic society, getting a job is easy. However, landing a job that fulfills some part of you and provides adequate pay is […]

What Does an Operations Manager Do?

If there’s one job that’s important to the health of a company, it’s not the CEO. It’s actually the operations manager. It’s a lucrative job […]

Tips For Hiring Great Personnel To Fill Your Open Positions

It takes time, money, patience, and good recruitment skills to find the right employee. In monetary terms, hiring a new employee can cost your business […]

Benefits of Using an Employment Recruiter to Find a Job

Is it time for you to find a new job? You’ve got a lot of work ahead of you. The good news is that businesses […]

What Is Agile Training? (And Why Your Business Should Start Using It)

Another big deadline is approaching and it appears that the team in charge is feeling the pressure. Have you ever thought that having teams be […]

Creating a Compelling Employer Branding Strategy

The statistics say that employee engagement is now up to 34 percent. Ideally, you will want to raise your engagement way above that percentage. An […]

5 Employee Schedule Mistakes Every Beginning Business Owner Makes

Your restaurant is packed and you’ve only got one waitress on duty. She’s growing frantic, you’ve got customers complaining about waiting too long for their […]

Outsource Jobs for More Efficiency: 5 Tasks You Should Be Outsourcing

It costs over $4,000 to hire a new employee.  Especially if you’re a younger or smaller business, you simply may not be able to come up […]

8 Tips for Making Healthier Choices at the Snack Machine

Eat a balanced diet of healthy foods. It seems simple, right? After all, we have full control over what we eat and what we don’t. […]

How to Improve the Way Your Business Retains Employees: 8 Helpful Tips

According to published research, the turnover of one employee can cost a company as much as $15,000. For organizations in the information industry, this figure […]

9 Key Things all Job Recruiters Look For

Around 67 percent of recruiters say that they find it harder than ever to find talented candidates. If you want to secure a job opportunity […]

Why Hiring a Marketing Manager Might Just Be the Right Move for Your Business

If you are an entrepreneur or small business owner, your time is probably consumed with running your business, supervising your contractors, and making sure that […]

How to Make Employees Happy: 5 Ways to Promote a Better Work Environment

No matter your business, it’s an extremely competitive place in today’s modern world. With so much opportunity at our fingertips, employers have no other choice but to prioritize […]

How to Find Employees That Have the Right Skills for Your Business

Are you having a hard time hiring good prospects? The hiring process can be long and grueling, and many businesses will start hiring anyone that […]

Recruiting Talent for Your Business: 10 Tips to Succeed

There are roughly 7.3 million job openings in the United States. If you’re a business owner that’s reading this article, chances are, your company is […]

How to Save Money on Employee Travel Costs

Technology has made it easier than ever before to work from anywhere. In fact, recent surveys indicate that nearly three-quarters of all employees work remotely at […]

7 HR Tips That Will Transform the Way You Run Your Small Business

If you’re running a small business or a startup, you may not have even thought about human resources yet. You’re not alone. Many businesses don’t […]

Why a Paid Time Off Policy is So Important for Employees

Around 80% of employees in today’s private industry workforce are receiving paid time off in addition to regularly scheduled days off. Although it’s not something that everybody […]

On the Job Hunt? 2019’s Guide to Making Your Resume Stand Out

The average corporate job attracts 250 resumes and of those, about 2 percent get contacted for an interview. If you’re one of those 250 applicants, […]

Employment Legal Advice: What Every Small Business Owner Should Know

Do you own one of the 30.2 million small businesses in the United States? Then you are probably already well aware that there are many […]

6 Tips for Hiring the Best Candidates as a Small Business

As a small business, it’s important to spend every penny on the most valuable options. This includes a team of people to keep your operation […]

Company Events: 6 Key Benefits of Corporate Events that You Need to Know

What do you think of when you hear corporate events? For a lot of people, it’s watching someone drink way too much and swing from […]

A Complete Guide to Workers Compensation for Your Employees

Are you one of the 30% of business owners who aren’t sure if you need workers compensation? If you have employees, then you need to pay […]

7 Amazing Ways To Raise Workplace Morale To Boost Productivity

Do things seem tenser in the office? If you want to make sure you keep a pleasant workplace environment, this is something you need to […]

5 Tips for Making Small Talk in the Workplace

The workplace can be a great environment to make friends. Alternatively, it can also be a sanctuary for awkward moments and failed attempts at small […]

5 Reasons Your Company Needs Employee ID Cards

Creating employee ID cards essentially creates safety in the workplace, but safety isn’t the only thing that employee ID cards have to offer you. From […]

5 Important Things to Know About Hiring Foreign Workers

Roughly 1% of the US labor force are temporary foreign workers. That equates to around 1.4 million people. Clearly, there’s a significant role to play for […]

Sir, Yes Sir! 9 Reasons Businesses Should Hire Veterans

When it comes to loyal, skilled employees, military veterans are without a doubt an excellent choice. If you run a business and you’re interested in […]

Work Happier: How to Improve Employee Morale to Boost Your Business’ Productivity

Are you wondering if a happier employee equals a more productive employee? Studies have shown that a happier workplace leads to more productive employees and […]

Everything You Need to Know About Autism Employment: Benefits to Hiring People with A Spectrum Disorder

Do you know anyone with autism spectrum disorder? Have you ever considered hiring an autistic individual at your place of employment? Autism has reached an […]

9 Drug Test Facts Every Employer Must Know Before Testing Employees

If you run a business with employees, you know that drug testing is an important part of the screening process, but there’s also a lot […]

Corporate Cooperation: The 5 Biggest Benefits of Escape Room Team Building

Escape room team building exercises are on the rise across the US. A Japanese import that simulates situations of high danger and intrigue, these concepts […]

Happy and Healthy: How to Improve Employee Well Being

Have you ever tried to run your company without employees? Of course you haven’t. Without your workers, nothing would get done. Likewise, if you don’t […]

5 Common Myths About Outsourced Payroll Providers

Outsourcing is a useful option for most business owners to consider. There is any number of tasks you can choose to send to a provider. […]

Give More to Get More: 4 Employee Training Programs You Should Offer

Monday’s don’t have to suck. If you’re noticing that your employees are dragging their feet to get stuff done, or they’re just not performing the […]

From the Expat Experts: 8 Tips for Working Overseas

There are roughly more than 50 million expats in the world. That’s a record number of people working overseas.  You may have a special assignment […]

5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Payroll Outsourcing Services

Did you know that unlawful retention of employees’ payment is punishable by law? Well, apart from the legal implications, running payroll functions in-house may be […]

5 Proven Ways to Ensure You Have Content and Happy Employees

The average employee stays at their current job around 3-5 years before looking for a new career opportunity. Employee turnover costs your company money. Depending on the […]

Empty Office? 10 Reasons Why Your Employees Are Absent From Work

Employees being absent from work can kill your business. Between the money spent on paid sick leave, finding someone else to cover their shift or […]

Disability Job Hunt: How to Find a Job With a Disability

Did you know the unemployment rate among individuals with disabilities is almost twice compared to those who are non-disabled? But what’s encouraging for those with a disability who […]

Federal Withholding Tables: How to Properly Calculate Taxes

2018 tax returns are a big national news story right now. This is the first return season since passage of the Tax Cuts and Job […]

Ecommerce Team Structure: Understanding Key Roles in a Company for Growing Your Online Store

Are you an overworked “solopreneur” in need of some assistance? Do you wear so many hats at work that it’s making your neck hurt? There […]

Who Are You Talking To? 5 Reasons Your Employees Should Be Wearing Employee Name Badges

Knowing names and being called by name activates something specific in your brain. It affects self-representation and humanizes the people around you. Simply knowing someone’s name […]

Jovial Jobs: The 10 Best Companies to Work at in 2019

The competition among applicants vying for a single job can be incredibly tough. Not all companies are created equal, however. If you’re a strong candidate […]