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What Accident Injury Lawyers Can Do for You

20% of non-institutionalized Americans have a disability. Many in that group suffer from a physical disability that they sustained from a car accident.

Given that over 250 million cars flood our roads, there is ample opportunity for people to become victims of injury-causing collisions. Those injuries render thousands of people, through no fault of their own, unable to work and incapable of keeping up with their bills.

If you’ve been involved in a vehicle accident and are thinking of getting the assistance of a lawyer, you may have flirted with the idea of representing yourself. Unfortunately, self-representation in injury cases can seriously damage your prospects of achieving favorable results when compared to the working with a lawyer.

Accident injury lawyers can bring a tremendous amount of value to your case. Here are 7 benefits that you’ll enjoy by working with one.

1. Accident Injury Lawyers Walk You Through the Process

The process of working through an accident claim was not designed with the average person in mind. There are astonishing amounts of documents that need to be filed, physical actions that need to be taken and countless things that are best avoided which could adversely affect your claim’s outcome.

Opposing party’s insurance providers hope that victims make a mistake as they work through this complex process since a single error can steeply reduce a victim’s settlement amount. With an attorney in your corner, you don’t have to worry about slipping up since their job is to keep you on task and to make sure that you understand the legal process.

2. Healthcare Professional Recommendations

You may already have a physician that you trust. If that’s the case, that’s fine. Your lawyer will let you know what information they need your doctor to obtain during your checkup in order to best support your case.

If you’re not married to a particular healthcare provider though, many accident injury lawyers have relationships with physicians that they can refer you to. These physicians know exactly what to look for to determine the severity of your injuries, they know how to document your condition in the best way possible and ultimately, they’ll afford you the best chance of achieving the settlement outcome that you’re looking for.

That can be a huge benefit to you since, by using attorney-referred doctors, you eliminate the risk of going to a physician that’s not accident claim friendly.

3. Collection of Evidence

After an accident, it’s recommended that victims get the information of eye-witnesses, take pictures and request police/EMT reports. Here’s the thing though… After you’ve been in an accident, your focus is on your livelihood. It’s not on being an investigator.

Given that fact, it’s likely that you missed a thing or two from the accident scene which is where a good lawyer can step in. Lawyers work closely with private investigators that can pull information from your accident after it took place. They can locate people that were in the vicinity of the accident, they can work with police officers to release reports and even pull street camera footage.

After your evidence is collected, accident injury lawyers can compile what they’ve found and combine it with the evidence that your physician provided to create a strong case file for you.

4. Communication With the Other Driver’s Insurer

If there’s one party that wants to see you fail at getting your settlement, its the other driver’s insurer. Their sole job is to figure out how to pay you as little money as possible. To achieve that end they may call to try to catch you in a lie, they will collect evidence that counter’s your claims and some may even share misinformation with you to put you off of your case.

Fortunately, with accident injury lawyers in your corner, you will never have to speak to an insurer.

A lawyer’s job is to ensure that you’re insulated from any queries that could work to derail your case. Calls that come in can be immediately directed to them which they’ll handle in a way that strengthens your claim.

5. Negotiations

Negotiations are a huge part of the accident claims process. The opposing party’s insurance provider will always start by offering a low settlement in hopes of getting off easy. It’s a lawyers role to then make the evidence that they’ve collected clear to the insurer so they come up on their offer.

A good attorney’s ability to negotiate more than offsets what they’ll charge you in representation fees. Those fees, by the way, won’t come out of your pocket.

Accident injury lawyers get paid on “contingency” which means that they’ll only pay themselves a percentage of what they win you.

6. Represent You in Court

In rare instances where negotiations go south and cases need to go to court, your lawyer can represent you.

We can’t understate how rare jury trails are for accident claims since insurers never want to end up in front of a jury. If your case does end up getting decided by your peers though, you’ll be in good hands.

7. Give You the Space That You Need to Recover

You can read more about what accident injury lawyers can do for you but ultimately, an accident injury lawyer’s function is to give you the bandwidth that you need to recover.

After an accident, you shouldn’t be managing evidence, negotiations and everything else. You should be resting.

With a lawyer by your side, you can let them worry about complicated things for you and you can spend your time worrying about yourself.

Our Final Thoughts on Injury Lawyers

Accident injury lawyers are a must if you’re making an injury claim. They’ve spent their lives refining their ability to represent clients and get them the highest settlements possible.

Almost every community has a respectable accident lawyer that they can engage so ask around and get the representation that you need.

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