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7 Tips for Successful Law Firm Digital Marketing

Marketing a law firm online isn’t quite the same as marketing an eCommerce store or blog, for example. 

Therefore, if you are a law firm looking to boost your presence online successfully, it’s a good idea to seek out specialist marketeers for the job. And, as you may be very well aware, competition between law firms can be fierce! So, getting the best law firm digital marketing should give you a solid edge over your rivals.

Let’s now explore seven tips for successful law firm digital marketing.

Develop a Strong Website 

First and foremost, to gain a solid online presence for your law firm, you need a robust website. This is the platform where you can sell your services most effectively and look professional.

Without a website, you’re putting yourself in a challenging situation to compete with rival firms. And having a website is especially useful if you are a local law firm. This is because you’ll have a good chance of ranking high in the search engines, meaning more people will come across your services when they search for legal help.

Try to make your website reflect your company’s style and ethos. It should also be highly accurate to avoid misunderstandings.

Furthermore, offering free advice on your website can help you rank well and earn respect from potential clients.

SEO Is Your Friend

You might have heard of search engine optimization (SEO) over the years now, but it still is relevant. 

Nowadays, SEO is all about valuable, high-quality content with relevant keywords relating to the content and what people tend to search for.

It’s not a good idea to stuff all your content into one or two pages. Instead, if you offer many different legal services, spread them out individually onto their own pages. This way, search engines can clearly define each page, and then they’ll have a better chance of ranking.

There are several other factors to take into account with SEO. Therefore, it’s wise to use a company that’s experienced in SEO for law firms.

For example, personal injury lawyer SEO might be what’s needed to give your business a boost!

Social Media Marketing Works

Along with SEO, social media marketing is a powerful tool that can spread the word about your law firm and the services you offer.

It can help people develop trust with your firm, and when your content is helpful on social media, it can spread like wildfire.

Just make sure that all the different social media platforms you decide to use are uniform. This means your logo and banners should be the same throughout. Continuity across your social media pages will give the impression of professionalism.

Content Marketing Will Give You an Edge

If you are posting valuable and engaging content on your website and social media pages, you can develop an authoritative legal stance among readers.

What you’re really doing here is creating a law blog. And your content marketing can explore all the legal areas that you specialize in.

The best thing about content marketing is it’s subtle but very effective. You can thread a link or two within your helpful content to catch the people who actually require legal services. 

Plus, you can employ legal content writers to do the job for you if you haven’t the time. Then when you receive their content, you can make any necessary small changes if needed to reflect your firm’s style and tone.

Keep Your Site and Blog Up-to-Date

Search engines love it when you update content when needed. Plus, when you continually upload blog posts, you start to gain a reputation in the search engines and have more chances of getting your content seen.

But more importantly, if a customer lands on your pages and sees your content is outdated or old, it can leave a wrong impression. It will make you look like your, not 100% dedicated to your firm. 

Also, by discussing current law issues of the day, you’ll be surprised at the respect and interest you might obtain. 

Email Marketing 

If you want the best return of investment marketing-wise, email marketing is ridiculously effective! 

Almost everyone has an email account, and a lot of these people will use their accounts daily for work. 

The key is to ask users on your site to subscribe to newsletters. And they’re more likely to do this if you are providing them with free helpful legal advice.

But when you offer this free advice, you are slowly gaining trust with that user. So when the time comes where they need legal help, they might just consider you as their port of call.

Choose Law Firm Digital Marketing Experts

We have to reiterate that choosing digital marketing specialists for law firms will help you stand out from the crowd.

Many other law firms may choose typical marketing agencies that can misunderstand how law firms work. They can get the tone wrong and potentially make you look less capable than you are.

If you can find a law firm digital marketing agency with a proven track record, then go for it! It’ll save you a lot of time and money, as you can focus instead on what you do best.

You’ll have access to expert copywriters, designers, and marketing specialists who will all work together to come up with a killer marketing plan for your law firm.

Take the Leap!

If you’re serious about growing your law firm, you should consider all seven tips we’ve mentioned in this article.

You can market your firm yourself, but you might be missing out on a tremendous amount of custom doing so. A law firm digital marketing agency could be the key to your growth.

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