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Finding the Best: How to Find the Most Qualified Workers’ Comp Lawyer

You’ve been hurt at work — now what? Do you need a workers’ comp lawyer?

You may be worried that your job will be in jeopardy if you say anything about it.

Keeping silent is the worst thing you can do when you’ve been hurt at work. You need to notify your supervisor about what happened and how it happened right away.

You may feel better about going through the process if you have an attorney on your side. But how do you find a good attorney?

Continue reading this article to get more information about how to find a good lawyer to help you with your case.

Finding the Best Workers’ Comp Lawyer

When you’re looking through the different lawyers in your area, learn more about their practice and see if they are a good fit for you. Below are some tips that will help you as you’re going through the decision-making process.

1. Ask Friends & Family

You may not be aware that a friend or family member had to go through a lawyer to settle their workers’ comp case so put it out there and ask if they know who a good lawyer would be.

You may get a recommendation from a friend of a friend if you ask on social media where other people can see.

2. Read Online Reviews

Online reviews can be very helpful when you’re making a decision about whether to work with someone or not.

When you read reviews, don’t just look on Google and Yelp. Find relevant forums that talk about their experiences with attorneys and see if there is any information on the lawyer you’re considering working with.

Keep in mind that while online reviews are helpful, if you see a negative review, that doesn’t mean they aren’t a good attorney. A single bad review could just mean a grumpy client.

3. Ask for References

When you’re interviewing attorneys that you’re considering working with, you shouldn’t be afraid to ask them for references. Getting references and speaking to people live about their experience with the attorney can set your mind at ease.

You’ll be able to ask them specific questions about their experience so you know if the lawyer will be a good match for your needs.

4. Do They Specialize in Workers’ Comp Cases?

One of the things you want to make sure is that the lawyer knows what they’re doing. If the lawyer is a general practice lawyer, they are likely missing some of the important laws due to lack of focus.

Finding someone that knows all the ins and outs of getting a workers’ compensation settlements will allow you to get the best results for your case.

5. How Long Have They Been Practicing in the Area?

You shouldn’t only look at how long they’ve been practicing workers’ compensation law but you should also look into how long they’ve been in your specific geographic location.

Laws are different from one place to the next so you need to make sure the lawyer you’re working with knows the local laws. If they’ve recently relocated from another area, they may be confused about which laws are valid here and which ones are valid where they came from.

6. Will the Attorney Personally Handle the Case?

You may not feel comfortable having your case handed off to paralegals. Ask the lawyer if they’re going to take care of the case primarily or if someone else is going to be doing most of the work.

7. Is the Lawyer and Their Team Available When You Call?

You may have questions from time to time about what’s going on with your case. When you call, you want to get a timely response. Even if they don’t answer right away, you should find out how quickly they return your calls.

The best way to figure out how they’re going to treat you after you start working together is how they treat you before they get you to sign the contract. The pre-contract phase is the honeymoon phase so make sure they’re taking good care or things might not be good afterward.

8. Can The Lawyer Explain the Process of Getting Compensation?

The lawyer you work with should be able to break down the workers’ compensation process so that it’s easy for people that aren’t lawyers to understand. If they try to make it too complicated, you should find another lawyer that will help you understand the process.

9. Does the Lawyer Belong to Any Associations?

Associations are another mark of trustworthiness. If they belong to various associations, you may even give them a call and ask them about the lawyer. Make sure they’re in good standing with the association and see what they have to say about them.

Most people don’t take this extra step which would make it easy for people to put a certificate of membership on the wall without actually being a member. If their membership was revoked or is in jeopardy, they could still have the certificate on the wall. Take this extra step and put your mind at ease.

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