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Solar Energy

Why Get Solar: 5 Top Benefits of Solar Power

Did you know that there’s enough solar power in the United States to give energy to around 12 million homes? This surge in solar energy is great news as we fight […]

How to Start a Solar Panel Business Step-by-step

Did you know 89 percent of Americans think it’s important for the United States to develop and use solar energy? If you’re an environmental protection […]

How to Set Up an Office Anywhere with Portable Solar Panels

You’ve started a business and it’s time to start thinking about office space. But those offices cost money-money that you could better use to grow […]

Green Business Initiatives: The 7 Types of Renewable Energy

Today, renewable energy produces about 25 percent of global energy. This number could rise to 30 percent by 2022. You might’ve heard only about solar […]

Top 5 Benefits of Branding Your Solar Energy Business

In 2016, solar installations in the United States increased by almost 50 percent. There are now well over 1.3 million solar power installations, powering over […]