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8 Reasons to Put Your Employees Through a Presentation Skills Workshop

One of the things that all successful businesses have in common is that they all have good communication skills. There is a huge amount of competition for all small businesses. So it has never been more important that your employees are representing you as best as they can. If you run a small business, do you […]

Follow Your Passion! the Best Jobs for Writers in 2019

Are there really good-paying jobs for writers? Once upon a time, you may have had visions of writing the Great American Novel or being the next great investigative journalist who forever changed the country. You then discovered that a career in writing doesn’t quite work like that. There are bills to be paid and responsibilities […]

Movin’ on Up to the East Side: Business Moving Tips to Keep You Organized

Creating an office environment where employees will be happy is important for the success of any small business. You probably already know that your office culture is important, but your physical location impacts your employees in a significant way also.  Moving your business to a better office could be the first step toward increased productivity, […]

5 Surefire Ways to Lower Your Overhead Costs

Overhead costs can vary from business size to industry so there is no magic goal percentage. For instance, privately held retailers average 22%. While consultants and lawyers average 51%.  Some businesses are lucky to naturally have low overhead. For the rest of us though, we need to take steps to lower overhead costs. Here are five […]

Surveying the Experts: How to Hire a Business Consultant

Exhausting yourself with most non-core business activities is not a strategic way to grow your business. Even if you get used to doing everything on your business all by yourself, you’ll still need someone to help you with it as your business continually grow. Wasting your valuable time handling the least important aspects of your […]

Cheap Office Supplies and More: 5 Places to Source Things You Need for Business

Is your office looking pretty bare these days? Most companies are still battling with the typical image of what an office should be versus what young companies are doing to fight that stereotype in 2019. Do you need desks, tables, and chairs? Or should you get bean bags, exercise balls, and ping pong tables? It’s […]

5 Smart Budgeting Tips for Small Business Owners

Research shows that only about half of small businesses survive past five years. Don’t want to be a negative statistic? You’ll need to take an honest look at your wallet, bank account, and financial habits. Smart budgeting can help you weather storms- and it can help you be a more creative, dynamic entrepreneur. Let’s get […]

Decorate for Success: Professional Office Decor Ideas for Your Small Business

The average American will spend 90,000 hours of their life at work.  As if that wasn’t bad enough, slaving away in dreary and cramped workspaces can make every one of those hours feel like an eternity.  Our work environments should feel like homes away from home. After all, we certainly spend enough time in them to devote […]

8 Creative Methods on How to Cut Expenses for Your Business in 2019

A Gartner survey reveals growth tops the list of priorities for most businesses in 2019. If this is your #1 priority as well, you’re probably thinking of pumping a significant amount of money into scaling your operations. Maybe open a couple of branches in new locations, bring in more staff or expand your product line. […]

Level Up: Here’s What You Need to Add to Your Small Business Office Space

You know your small office set-up could use a big upgrade – but how exactly do you do that? Find out how simple it is by reading here! Letting employees work remotely is an exciting opportunity for small business owners. It frees up cash that would otherwise go to renting office space. Setting up a […]