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Let’s Do Lunch: The Golden Rules of Business Lunch Etiquette

Business deals aren’t just confined to the boardroom or drinks after work. Business lunches can be an effective way to cement a deal in a more informal environment. Especially if you need somewhere neutral or away from the office. However, to ensure your business lunch goes well you need to adhere to a few rules. […]

SAFe Training: What Does Scaling Agile Mean?

Nowadays, to compete in our increasingly customer-driven marketplace; companies need to become Agile. This is imperative for mastering the landscape of continuous change. Back in 2001, the concept of ‘agile working‘ originated within the software development industry. Nowadays, it’s a core need for enterprises of all types. Informal surveys found that Agile principles are usually […]

How to Absolutely Nail Your Business Order Fulfillment Process

Are you trying to optimize your order fulfillment process? Want to have the easiest time fulfilling customer orders? While there are many aspects of a business that need to be thought about carefully, fulfilling orders is one of the most important. If you ship products to customers, you need to make sure that your processes […]

How to Write Business Contracts That Are Easy to Understand

Want to learn how to write a business contract that’s easy to understand?  Well, you’re in the right place. We believe that contracts don’t have to be confusing, in order for them to be enforceable.  In this article, we will cover the cons of a poorly-made business contract and the most important aspects of simple […]

7 Advantages of an LLC and How It Can Benefit You

Are you launching a new business? Instead of the traditional options, why not launch it as an LLC? LLC stands for Limited Liability Company. It’s a type of legal entity and business structure. As a separate entity, an LLC can have a unique tax identification number. It can also open bank accounts and do business […]

ESG Policy 101: All About ESG Policy

Customers aren’t the only ones demanding corporate responsibility. Investors and lenders are, too. ESG companies are expected to outperform fossil fuel stocks as the economic factors of climate change are finally being felt and understood. It’s no longer acceptable for companies to ignore their impact on the environment, and the financial risks have to be […]

How to Keep Your Business Open After COVID: Work Activities, Social Distancing, and More

Do you want to know what you can do to keep your business open after the COVID-19 pandemic? Do you finally want to continue your work activities? There’s no question about the global economic impact of the coronavirus. The virus’s devastating effects on health and the economy created big changes in how the world works. […]

Business Audits: 6 Types of Audits Your Business Should Consider

Did you know that there are over 30 million small businesses in the United States? If you are a proud small business owner you know that keeping all of your records organized and accurate is very important. We have put together this guide to help you keep up with the different types of audits that you […]

The Real Costs of Running a Business: 7 Unexpected Business Expenses

So, you’re planning to open your own business soon and you’re in the process of creating your budget. You think you’ve covered everything, but you’re starting to worry that you’re missing something important. You know that the hidden costs of running a business are often the thing that tanks new businesses before they can even get […]

How to Make a Business More Environmentally Friendly and Sustainable

Becoming an environmentally-friendly business can have a major impact on your brand. For example, 87% of consumers perceive a brand in a positive light if it supports social or environmental issues. Meanwhile, 88% of consumers demonstrate brand loyalty to companies that prioritize these issues.  By learning how to be more environmentally-friendly, you can improve your brand’s reputation. You’ll […]