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8 Important Eco Friendly Tips for Businesses

The cost of carbon is increasing and for many businesses, carbon is their biggest liability. If your business manages its carbon exposure today, then you’ll still have time to begin reducing these risks. Not only do you want to save your company money, but you also want to make a difference in the environment. 

To do both of these things, you’ll need to know several eco-friendly tips for businesses. Switching to a green business is the first step towards caring for the planet. As a small or large business, making the small switch to a more environmentally friendly approach leaves a big impact on the planet. 

In this guide, you’ll find several ways you can begin making the switch to a greener business today. Continue reading below to get the process started!

1. Encourage Car-Less Commutes

If you’re still in the process of finding a location for your business, then consider finding a location close to transit options. If your employees can easily walk, bike, or take public transportation to work, then they’ll be more inclined to do so. Always encourage car-less commutes to reduce your carbon footprint. 

Gather a team of employees to come together and create a carpooling schedule. Offer your employees some type of reward or incentive for carpooling. For example, each time an employee carpools 10 times, they earn a small bonus. 

2. Enforce the BYOC Rule

Do you have a coffee and water station set up in the snack or break room? Coffee and water are beneficial for the employees to have access to and maintain productivity levels. However, using multiple paper cups for water and coffee needs adds up fast. 

There’s no better time than now to enforce the BYOC (Bring Your Own Cup) rule with your employees. Encourage all employees to bring their own coffee cups and thermoses. This will not only reduce the number of paper products your business uses, but it also saves you money by not having to purchase these products. 

3. Install Paperless Handwashing Stations

Another great way to reduce your paper use is to install paperless handwashing stations. Rather than providing paper hand towels in the bathrooms and other sinks, install air hand dryers. You can install two or more of these dryers to prevent lines from forming. 

You can also install hand sanitizer stations around your business so employees and customers can easily sanitize their hands without the need for paper towels. Consider placing hand sanitizing stations near each entrance of your business as well to keep germs inside the building at a minimum. 

4. Conduct Regular Leak Inspections

Throughout the year, it’s ideal to conduct regular leak inspections in your building. At times, there might even be a leak you’re unaware of. A leak doesn’t have to be significant in order for it to have a significant effect on your utility bill and the environment. 

Hire a professional to conduct professional inspections of your entire building. Any leaks found, even the smallest ones, should be repaired as soon as possible. 

5. Invest in Solar Panels 

Have you considered the benefits of switching to solar panels? Let’s have a look at the benefits of solar panels and the best commercial roofs to install them on. For starters, solar panels don’t emit greenhouse gases and are pollution-free. 

The power given to you by your solar panels is renewable and clean. Even on cloudy days, you’ll still receive solar power. There’s also an ROI (return on investment) for solar panels, which you don’t receive when paying for electricity. 

The best types of commercial roofing for solar panels are composite roofs, metal roofs, and tile roofs. Solar panels are possible on all other types of roofs as well, but the installation process requires a bit more work. 

6. Recycle Electronics and More

When a computer crashes and is unrepairable, what do you do with it? When the copy machine stops working and the repairman is unable to correct the issue, where does it go? If you’re not already doing so, then now is the time to start recycling electronics and more!

Whenever you’re ready to replace certain electronics, donate working ones to schools and other charities. Then, speak with recycling specialists about where to recycle electronic parts. You can also place recycling bins throughout your business for employees to make use of. 

7. Find Sustainable Partners

If you want to make a positive impact on the environment, then you need to partner up with like-minded individuals and businesses. When you work with other companies and organizations that also want to reduce their carbon footprint, you’ll yield greater results. 

Everyone can come together and brainstorm different ideas. This is also a great networking opportunity for your business as well. 

8. Consider Reusable Office Supplies

How many pens does your business throw away on a weekly basis? Could you save your business money and help the environment by supplying reusable pens? Of course!

How else can you reduce the amount of plastic and paper products that your business sends to the landfill? Stop using sticky notes and start investing in dry-erase boards. You can also use tablets, smart screens, and notebooks to take notes electronically. 

It may take a few years to make a complete transition, but start small and make small changes throughout the year. 

Know Some Eco-Friendly Tips All Businesses Could Benefit From

Making a full transition to an eco-friendly business won’t happen overnight. With the best eco-friendly tips, your business can make a full transition in an ideal amount of time. Remember, offer better commute options, enforce BYOC rules, reduce paper and plastic use, invest in solar panels, inspect for leaks, recycle more often, and find partners in like-minded corporations.

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