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Product Packaging Ideas: How to Choose the Right Packaging Company

Before you get going on your product packaging ideas, you may want to survey the lay of the land for companies that are capable of turning those ideas into reality. It’s not as easy as you think. 

However, in the following article, we plan to take out much of the guesswork and uncertainty. By the time you finish, you’ll know the six factors to watch for, and you’ll be well on your way to realizing your vision. Let’s begin! 

1. Check Their Quality Levels

The first thing to look for when pursuing packaging for products on your development schedule is to get samples of previous projects. It never hurts to ask directly, though some companies may be restricted by confidentiality agreements. 

Nevertheless, it shouldn’t be hard to find a real-world product or at least a rendering that will reveal the type of packaging you can expect. Don’t skip this step. You could end up missing out on some really innovative uses.

2. Responsiveness

Completing a product packaging project doesn’t happen overnight. Depending on the size and scope of the job, it might be several months before you see the results you’re looking for.

Whether it’s several months or a few days, however, you deserve to know how the project is coming along as you wait. Companies that suffer from responsiveness issues will typically show this about themselves before getting too far into fulfillment.

Still, that’s later than you want it to be. Pay extra close attention to response times in the early going, and make sure you’re happy with the company’s communication practices. 

3. Graphic Design Experience

Good packaging relies on graphic design as the backbone for the finished product. Of course, that’s not all of it, and we’ll be getting to some of the others in a moment.

For now, you need to know what great design is so you can hold the company to your highest expectations. We’ve said it before, but it’s worth repeating. Get previous examples of their work! 

4. Format Design Experience

Many contract packaging companies are too cookie-cutter to bring any real attention for your product to the marketplace. That’s because there isn’t any Imagination in the formatting.

As you investigate each company, look beyond the graphics. Get products in-hand to see if they make sense from a format experience. 

5. Abilities to Concept and Prototype

Move beyond the design, form, and type of packaging materials used. Can the company take you from points A to Z without forcing you into a hands-on role? 

Are their abilities to conceptualize and prototype a product package second-to-none. Request face time with those “in the know” at the company to ask your questions and get your hands on a sample or two. You can learn more about the types of custom packaging available across the web.

6. Infrastructure Readiness

Lastly, what is the physical infrastructure of the company? Do you need a large run? If so, they’re going to need the production and distribution facilities in place to ship quickly and ensure on-time delivery after the creation process is done.

Find the Right Company for Your Product Packaging Ideas Today

We hope this look at where to go for your product packaging ideas has helped. Best of luck as you get your product off the line and onto the shelves. For more helpful business tips, check out some of our additional posts.