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Business Storage Units: Why Your Business Needs a Storage Unit

Believe it or not, there are more than 32 million small businesses in the United States. No matter what industry they’re in, every business owner faces the challenge of staying organized and finding room for their tools, equipment, and documents.

If you’re running your business out of a small space, this can be almost impossible. But that doesn’t it’s impossible.

All you need to do is consider using business storage units. Here are a few reasons to look into renting a unit now.

Protects Against Loss

When you store everything at your office or business headquarters, you have access to everything on-site. This may seem convenient, but it poses a unique risk for business owners: loss.

Think about what would happen if your building got broken into or destroyed by a fire. You’d lose everything inside the building.

Keeping your sensitive documents and materials off-site protects against that loss.

If anything happens to your building, the things you keep at your storage unit will still be safe. This can help you get back up and running faster while also saving you money on replacement items.

Business Storage Units Are Cheaper Than Relocating

Growing your business is a sure-fire sign of success. But it often means your current space just won’t be big enough to accommodate new inventory and employees.

You can always relocate to a larger building, but that comes with its own drawbacks. You’ll likely have to pay higher rent prices, have larger utility bills, and will have to cover the cost of the entire move.

Investing in a storage unit helps you clear space in your office without having to get rid of anything. While you’ll likely need to move to a larger facility in the future, a storage unit can help you put that move off for a while.

This gives you more time to save up for the move and helps make finding the right building less urgent.

Makes Inventory Storage Easy

Depending on the size of your building, you may end up running out of room for your inventory, especially during the busy seasons. But that doesn’t change the fact that you need to have that inventory on hand to keep up with demand.

Business storage units give you the perfect place to store that extra inventory. Since they come in different types, ranging from outdoor to fully climate controlled, there’s a perfect option for your business’s needs.

When it comes to choosing the best storage unit for your inventory needs, think about the types of materials you’ll be storing. The last thing you want to do is lose inventory because it can’t stand hot or cold weather.

You Can Use the Unit However You Want

There are restrictions on the types of items you can store in your business storage unit. In most cases, this means you can’t keep things like gasoline, plants, food, or anything that could threaten the safety of the other units at the facility.

But as long as you adhere to the storage facility’s guidelines, you’re free to use the unit however you see fit.

If you want to set up a drop-shipping company and use the storage unit to hold packing or branding materials, that’s fine. If you need a place to store extra equipment or sensitive documents, that’s fine too.

They’re Available in Different Sizes

No two businesses will have the same storage needs. This means that some companies will only need a small unit while others can benefit from several larger ones.

It all depends on what you’re using the storage unit for.

Luckily, storage units are available in almost any size you can imagine. Some are small enough to house just a few boxes of files. Others are large enough to hold an entire floor’s worth of furniture and equipment.

You can even upgrade to larger units should your needs change in the future. All you have to do is talk to the storage facility about switching to a larger unit.

Makes Your Business Look Less Cluttered

As a business owner, you want your building to make a great first impression on both clients and employees. When it’s clean and well-organized, you can’t help but feel confident in the space.

But if it’s cluttered, the entire building can look worn-down and poorly maintained. Worse, it can leave people questioning your ability to take care of their concerns. After all, if you’re not willing to put in the time to clean your building, how can they trust you to do right by them?

A storage unit will help you keep the clutter at bay. This leaves your entire building looking fresh and clean year-round. Even better, it makes it easier to keep your space clean as you’ll notice dirt, debris, and minor repair issues faster without all that stuff in the way.

Flexible Lease Agreements and Terms

Renting a storage unit isn’t like renting a building. The lease terms often run month-to-month instead of lasting for a year or more.

This means you’ll only have to pay for a unit as long as you’re using it. If your needs change or you want to move everything back to your business, you can without worrying about breaking your lease or incurring costly fees.

But if you know you’ll end up needing to rent the unit for several months at a time, you may even be able to get a discount on the monthly rate.

Is a Storage Unit Right for You?

Ultimately, deciding whether to rent a storage unit is a personal choice. Think about the way your business operates and how your office feels.

If you’re constantly searching for ways to add more storage to your building or feel that it’s overly cluttered, business storage units are a great investment.

If you’ve tried using a storage unit in the past, but still need a few extra tips to make your business more organized, check out our latest posts.