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Wow Your Crowd! 9 Ways to Deliver a Killer Powerpoint Presentation

A strong business PowerPoint presentation can work as a great marketing tool to make a business deal or to get new clients. However, not everyone has the ability to deliver a killer PowerPoint presentation.

Don’t worry, we are here to help improve your presentation skills so you can nail that business presentation. Continue reading to find out our top tips when delivering a business PowerPoint presentation.

Designing the Presentation

A lot of thought needs to go into the design of the presentation. It will be the first thing people see, even before you start speaking.

If you are presenting at a business event, then take a look at these event planning presentation tips.

1. Use Graphics

Include relevant graphics, tables, and charts in your PowerPoint presentation. Make sure they are a very high-quality image so that the image is clear for your audience.

Tables and charts should be clearly labeled so your audience knows exactly what the charts are showing. Make sure you have a clear title and label each axis.

2. Limit Words

Don’t feel each slide with words. Likewise, don’t overdo it with bullet points either.

When it comes to PowerPoint presentations, less is more. Just put relevant keywords or phrases on each slide.

Any more than this may overwhelm your audience and your main points will get lost amongst all the other irrelevant words.

3. Use High-Quality Templates

Microsoft PowerPoint has many high-quality templates that you can use for your business PowerPoint presentation. They have a range of colors and styles to suit your individual business needs.

If you work in a large company, your marketing department may already have a template that follows the business branding style.

If you work in a small business then it can still be a good idea to use a template from Microsoft, but then add your companies coloring and logos into that template. This will help the PowerPoint look more professional.

4. Choose a Simple Font

When you are designing your presentation, make sure you choose a font that is simple, readable, and in a color that has enough contrast from the background.

Remember, not everyone has as good eyesight as you do, so the phone should be big enough for everyone to read.

Delivering the Presentation

Now that you have designed a killer presentation, it’s time to learn about how to deliver a great business PowerPoint presentation.

1. Research Your Audience

You should know the audience who you will be presenting to. This will make it easier to create your content and adjust wording as necessary.

Some audiences may have a greater understanding of your topic than others.

2. Include Challenging Ideas

Include challenging ideas and encourage discussion and participation from your audience. It is good to get your audience involved in a conversation around the topic of choice.

This will make your presentation more memorable and serves is a good learning point for the audience.

3. Start with a Story

If it’s relevant, start with an interesting story to catch your audience’s attention. This could be a personal story or a relevant business story.

4. Repeat Your Main Message 3 Times

This is absolutely key when presenting to an audience. Include your main message in your introduction, main body, and conclusion.

Repeating your main message three times will ensure that your main message reaches each member of the audience. 

5. Practice

Practice, practice, practice!

The best way to deliver a killer presentation is to practice it over and over again. This delivering it in front of various audiences, in front of the mirror, and in different environments.

If you are delivering the presentation on a stage with a microphone, then asked to practice in the setting beforehand.

6. Memorize

If you’ve ever seen a presenter staring at notecards, or even worse, staring at a piece of paper, then you know how distracting it can be to an audience. Not only this, but it also conveys the message that the speaker lacks confidence.

It can be a big help to memorize the main points of your presentation and the examples that you use to support your points.

Don’t memorize your presentation word for word, as you will still want to sound as natural as possible.

7. Make Eye Contact

When you are presenting, make eye contact with the different people around the room. Pick someone on the left, in the middle, and on the right-hand side of the room so that you don’t stare at one individual person or place for a lengthy period of time.

8. Closing Story

If you have a relevant story to summarise your main points, then use this as your closing story at the end of your presentation.

This can be an effective way of making sure your audience is still listening towards the end of your presentation.

9. Use Gestures

Don’t be afraid to use big gestures or use your body posture throughout the presentation. This is especially true if you are in a large room and are far away from the audience.

Don’t hold your arms close to your body or use a guarded posture like crossing over your arms. This can indicate a lack of confidence which is not what you want when you are delivering a business PowerPoint presentation.

Deliver a Killer Business PowerPoint Presentation Today!

Follow our tips above to deliver a great business PowerPoint presentation today. Remember, start with a good design, practice, and repeat your main point 3 times. 

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