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Plastic Jars vs. Glass Jars: Which is Better for Your Product Packaging?

The majority of Americans agree that the materials used to package a product and packaging design are factors that frequently affect their decision to buy a certain product. 

If you have an important product that you need to get packaged, you should have several packaging options available to you. Plastic vs glass jars are two very good options when you need to package a substance for a customer.

But, some people wonder if plastic jars or glass jars are the right choices. We will help you decide which jars are excellent for your product packaging. 

Shipping in Bulk

Glass jars can break easily, but they offer a more sophisticated look to your product. Plastic jars are more durable, but they can look cheap and flimsy.

Shipping costs will be higher for shipping glass jars in bulk due to their weight. Also, it is crucial that you properly pack the glass jars, especially to prevent breakage during transport. 

Ultimately, the decision of which type of jar to use for your product packaging depends on your budget. Moreover, you must consider the overall look you are trying to achieve for your product.

The Cost of Plastic Jars vs Glass Jars

Glass jars tend to be more expensive than plastic jars. However, plastic jars may not be the best option for all products. Some products may be better suited for glass jars. Consider the products you are selling and the benefits of each type of jar before deciding.

If you want the glass jars, the cost per piece can vary in thickness and size. You can get $0.60 apiece for an 8oz or 240mL glass jar.

On the other hand, for an 8oz clear PET plastic jar, you may get each for $0.56. Buying in bulk will help you save by getting the wholesale price.

Environmental Factors

Plastic jars are made from petroleum, a non-renewable resource. They can take centuries to break down in the environment.

Glass jars are made from sand, a renewable resource. They can be recycled over and over again. Environmental impact and recyclability can be your number one reason to click for glass jars and make that order for your product packaging.

Health Impact

Glass is not toxic and is free from potentially harmful chemicals. In general, they are not associated with a negative impact on health. In addition, what is great about glass is it has a higher resistance to leaching into your product. 

Plastic packaging can leach chemicals into food and beverages, which may be a health concern. Also, extreme storage conditions may cause acceleration of this process. Hence, it is vital to ensure that the plastic container is suited to your product.

Consider the Pros and Cons of Plastic Jars vs Glass Jars When Used for Product Packaging

When it comes to packaging your product, it is essential that you have the best design to ensure that you will impress your customers. You know very well that a first impression lasts. This is why you have to make that good lasting impression to your buyers.

However, there are benefits and drawbacks to using either plastic jars or glass jars for your product packaging. In the end, it is up to you to decide which is best for your product and your packaging needs.

If you are looking for a more environmentally-friendly option, glass may be the way to go. Plastic may be the better choice if you need a more durable option.

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