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What Is Guest Posting and How Can It Benefit Your Business?

Ever read an article on a blog because of the catchy headline? Or found yourself reading an article online at 3 am to find an answer to a question that had been bothering you all night?

What is interesting to note is that many of the articles we read online are not even written by the hosts of the sites. Savvy online marketing done at its best will lead you to the doorstep of a particular website, company, or even product and leave you wanting more. This is guest posting. 

But what is guest posting and why should some businesses start to take it seriously? Read on to find out.

What Is Guest Posting?

Guest posting is the practice of writing content for other sites than your own. In the perfect setting, the blog that you would guest post to would be in the same industry. However, even industries that are related to yours could be led to good results.

But why go to the extra effort to provide content to another site that isn’t yours? Surely time would be better spent boosting your own content, right?

Well, there are clear reasons why any company marketing their business should give it serious consideration. 

Does Your Business Need to Guest Post?

There is no escaping the importance of becoming trusted by Google for a business. Studies show that the first 5 search results tend to get over 65% of the clicks, so your business should be doing all it can to boost your ranking. 

Guest posting can help in several ways.

First, it boosts traffic. Second, guest postings are also great for improving domain authority. 

One of the main ways that they can gauge how relevant content is through how many pages backlink to your page. Guest posting can kill two birds with one stone. Not only can you write an article that has embedded backlinks to your site, but if the site you write for also has high domain authority, then you could be onto a real winner. 

Lastly, it can gain you a reputation in your industry as a market leader.

But guest posting may not be for everyone. While every business would benefit from the boost guest posting can give, you have to have a long-term strategy in mind, as results can take time to bear fruit. If you’re looking for quick sales, guest posting may not be for you.  

How to Get Started With Guest Posting

First, you need to isolate sites that are best in line with your goals in your industry. This can take time, especially finding sites with great content, high traffic volumes, and that will also accept guest posts. 

For this reason, many take up the services of a guest posting company, which will already have connections and agreements with such sites, as well as great backlink software to maximize returns. 

The final and most important factor is cranking out great quality content. If you are consistently able to produce interesting, educational, and entertaining content, then you may even find that the tables turn and that content starts converting into more business! 

One More Tool in the Toolbox

While we should be skeptical of anything that promises guaranteed results. But one thing that you can be confident of is that, when done right, guest posting is always beneficial. When will you make a start?

We hope you enjoyed our brief breakdown of the basics of guest posting. To keep up to date in all things digital marketing, don’t miss out on the other great content on our site!