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Roger That: 3 Great Reasons You Need Two-Way Radios for Business Communication

If you had to get in touch with an employee right this minute, how would you do it? They might miss a phone call or text message, and there’s no telling how long it might take them to check their email.

In an emergency, a delay of even a few minutes could spell disaster. You need a quick, efficient way to contact employees; two-way radios can provide that.

Radio communication is the perfect way to stay in contact with your workers at all times. Keep reading to learn about three of the biggest benefits you can gain from using two-way radios on the job.

1. Get in Touch Instantly

When it comes to business communication, you need two things: clarity and efficiency. Two-way radios can offer both: they allow you to reach any employee at any time and hold a conversation.

You might be thinking, “Doesn’t a cell phone accomplish the same thing?” Handheld radios have several advantages over cell phones, though; for instance, their service areas aren’t limited the way cell phone service is.

Two-way radios don’t rely on cell towers. Instead, they transmit your messages through radio waves, which are far more reliable (especially in remote areas).

They’re also more efficient than cell phones. Workers won’t have to scroll through their phones or type in phone numbers when they need to reach someone; easy communication is available at the press of a button.

2. Fit Any Budget

Handheld radios are an affordable way to upgrade your business communication. There are many kinds of radios on the market, so it’s easy to find devices that your company can afford.

Big names don’t necessarily mean big price tags, either. Motorola two-way radios have a reputation for quality, but they won’t break the bank. You can view a Mototrbo R7 to get an idea of the features these radios provide.

Compared to the cost of company phones and cellular plans, two-way radios are very affordable.

3. Endure Harsh Conditions

Everyone has dropped a cell phone at some point; all too often, a simple slip-up leads to a cracked screen or broken phone. Waiting for repairs can bring your business communication to a screeching halt.

Handheld radios are built to survive falls that would destroy lesser devices. They’re a perfect choice for construction sites and other areas where your equipment might take a beating.

In addition to impact resistance, many two-way radios are waterproof.

They last a long time, too–some Motorola two-way radios offer up to twenty-eight hours of battery life, so you won’t have to worry about them losing power at a crucial moment.

Enjoy the Benefits of Two-Way Radios

Two-way radios have a lot to offer your job site. They allow seamless, instant communication between workers and are hardy enough to survive even the roughest working conditions.

Best of all, they do all of this at a price you can afford, no matter your budget.

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