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5 Reasons Why You Need a Business Review Website

Does your business have a review site?

A review website lets you highlight your best bits. It shows users why they should choose you by showing them why your existing customers are happy. But if you’ve never had one, you might not know how much of a benefit it can be.

Read on for 5 reasons why you need a business review website today!

1. Increases Sales

With this shift to online shopping, reviews are playing a bigger part in decision making. As they can see the product/service in person, they’re looking to other customers to see if it’s worth buying. Other customers having a positive experience gives them the confidence to follow through.

Reviews can also boost search traffic if you integrate them with search engines. Having stars next to your business on Google boost appeal to customers. As they scroll through, you’ll stand out more, and it will encourage people to check you out.

Ratings and reviews help you navigate the changes world of e-commerce. By staying up-to-date on customer desires, you can keep evolving to meet these needs.

You’ll keep up, or even stay ahead of the competition too. Keeping updated with trends will translate to sales. You’re providing customers with what they’re looking for, meeting needs, and providing reliability.

2. Increases Brand Awareness

Most of the time, most people not going with your product/service comes down to them not having heard of you. To maximize your sales, brand awareness is vital! But it can seem like an impossible challenge to overcome at times.

The best way to get your brand out there is by letting people know you exist. You need to optimize your online presence. By including and integrating your rating site with Google, it can push your site to the top of the rankings. And the higher you rank, the more likely customers are to see you.

Use an accurate, efficient review site to gather your reviews. Then distribute them across the internet. Don’t focus on one search engine, get them out to as many as you can, including all the major ones.

While searching for their interests, customers will keep seeing your product. They’ll become more aware of your brand and your website. The more you pop up, the more likely they are to investigate and make buy something.

The authentic reviews from past customers build trust. Your brand starts to become reliable and safe to use. If others have a good experience, that will influence others to feel safe that they will too.

3. Protects From Bad Reviews

Being able to show a large number of reviews can buffer you against a few bad ones that might lose customers. You can’t please everyone, so it’s inevitable some reviews will be bad. It’s the internet and people will voice their displeasure.

But if you only have a few of these reviews, it’s important you show the majority of positive ones to balance it out. Seeing most people are happy, but some had issues lets customers make informed decisions. Also show your responses, so for any negative reviews they can see you’re handling it, and working to fix it.

Social networks are a powerful tool for sharing information, reviews, and recommendations. A glowing review or scalding condemnation now attracts attention through shares and likes. It’s even possible for reviews to go viral if they hit the right notes (good or bad).

Thousands of people might see them, so it’s important to engage with your customers. Show you’re fixing issues and highlight the positive reviews to combat any negatives.

4. Earns Customer Loyalty

There’s only so much you can do to get/prevent an online review. Even if you give them a site to post on, or point out things you’d like them to say, there’s no guarantee it’ll be a good review.

Having a review site lets you funnel in the negative and take control of it. You can end up looking good even with the bad reviews.

One way to take control of the situation is, as we’ve touched upon, to respond in a polite way to any negativity. Don’t criticize, and never say they’re wrong.

Instead, open a dialogue, apologize, and listen to their concerns/fix their issue where you can. Provide some courtesy. For example, you can send them a discount for a future purchase.

Engaging with your customers this way builds trust. They can see you’re providing them a voice and listening to it. You’re making them feel valued as they matter as an individual, not only a number. If potential customers can see this too, it will start you off on a good foot to gain their trust as well.

5. Boosts Your Search Engine and Google Ranking

With the internet at our fingertips, people want to find out about a business before they buy from them. Around 90% of consumers do online research before buying. Most of this is through review sites.

When a potential customer researches you, they’ll usually search for “reviews” or “complaints”. For big review sites, Google shows the review page title, the star ratings, and how many reviews you have. This is all displayed right on the results page of the search.

Customers can make a decision on your business without even clicking on the review page. Also, review pages with more content will often rank higher than those with less, so bear this in mind. You should encourage customers to leave reviews, to boost your ranking. You should also learn how to delete google review, though you need to be careful when doing this.

Don’t Miss Out on a Business Review Website

So there you have it! Now you know these top benefits, there’s no reason to miss out on having a business review website.

It boosts your rankings on major search engines, which in turn boost your brand awareness. People know how you are, and get a feel for how reliable your business is. You’ll build up trust with customers, and let them know you value them.

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