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How to Plan an Amazing Corporate Event

60% of business leaders feel that in-person corporate events are the most important marketing tool to achieve business goals. The simple truth is that a virtual event is a cheap imitation of a live in-person experience. 

Moving forward into the post-pandemic business world means prioritizing in-person corporate event planning. Zoom meetings just don’t hold a candle to an in-person networking and entertainment experience.

So how can you plan your next corporate event so that it is a huge hit? By mastering a few key elements and utilizing your knack for a good time, you can do it. Here’s how to throw a party that your clients and employees will enjoy.

Hire a Caterer for Your Corporate Event

Everyone loves great food, and providing it is the best way to coax your employees and other attendees out of the woodwork. Hire a reputable caterer for your next corporate event to ensure success.

Make sure they have food options for everyone. Having vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free menu items is a great start. You also may want to think about having an open bar if you want to provide the best experience possible.

Pick the Right Venue

The venue in which you host your corporate event will be one of its defining features. Try to find somewhere classy and unique. Concert halls, outdoor venues, and unique rental properties are some great ideas.

Everyone cringes at the idea of spending time in yet another hotel meeting room illuminated by halogen lights. Don’t take the easy way out and choose a cookie-cutter venue. Pick a place where people will want to party.

Provide Entertainment at Your Corporate Event

Nobody wants to hear a bunch of long-winded speeches by business leaders when they are attending an event. You need to provide some event entertainment to captivate people’s attention and inspire a good time.

Having some party music will lighten the ambiance and inspire human connection. Check out this article for tips on how to select the best musical entertainment for your next corporate event.

Plan Far in Advance

You need to set a date far in advance so your employees and other attendees can mark it down on their calendars. The more time you give yourself for planning, the better job you can do at it.

If you have a yearly corporate event, try to keep the date consistent each year. Doing so will allow your employees to plan their schedules around your event better. Advanced planning and consistency are two things to keep in mind.

Get Ready to Party

Your next corporate event doesn’t have to be a dull business meeting. You want to make it something your attendees talk about for years to come. The success of your event will be a measure of the success of your business.

Amp up your next business shin-dig by using some of the corporate event planning tips in this guide. Your employees and clients will appreciate it. For other great information about various engaging topics, check out our blog.