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How to Start a Podcast for Your Small Business

Did you know that there are over 1,750,000 podcasts available today? That is a staggering number, and it continues to grow.

Podcasts are a relatively new format that people love to explore. They have leveled the playing field in terms of getting content out to the masses. The interesting thing is that it doesn’t take much to start a podcast.

Have you ever been curious to begin your podcasting career? When apart from a small business, a podcast is a great way to connect with people. Dive into our podcast to learn what you need to start today!

Find a Focus

When wanting to start a podcast, what is the focus? You’ll want to decide on a niche that is broad yet caters to a specific group. You needn’t appeal to the masses, yet carve out your niche.

You want to find that happy medium for your small business podcast where you can speak at length about certain subjects. New podcasts are popping up every day, you just need to find your audience.

If you happen to be in an underserved industry, see that as a blessing in disguise. With such a specific market, you’ll be able to deliver informative and interesting content to your viewership.

Pick a Name

What’s in a name? Coming up with a name when starting a podcast is a fun and creative process. You want a name that draws people in and is self-explanatory. Whatever your niche may be, you want a name that exemplifies this.

Think about it from the viewer’s perspective. You want a name that has good SEO that ties back to what the person will be searching for in the first place.

Choose Your Format

When deciding on a podcast format, you don’t need to reinvent the wheel. While you can get as creative as you wish, the most common are solo, co-hosted, and interview.

Keep in mind that if you interview guests, having multiple hosts can do more harm than good. You want good clean audio and to have the conversation flowing. Sometimes with more than one host, words get trampled on or jumbled up.

Another great option when you start a podcast for your business is going live. When things are live they are rawer, thus creating a more engaging environment.

People want to feel like they are apart of something. There is nothing quite like having a host answer your questions and respond to comments in real-time. By upping the interaction, your viewers will love you for it.

Equipment Needs

With the advent of video calling software like Zoom, creating a podcast has never been easier. When first starting a podcast, the podcast equipment doesn’t need to be fancy.

You most likely already have everything you need to get started. Your computer or smartphone will do along with microphone attached in-ear headphones.

To up the production value of your business podcast, consider purchasing a higher-quality microphone. You don’t have to break the bank, but crisper cleaner audio does go a long way in the podcast space.

The Blue Yeti is a staple amongst podcasters. Make sure you are in a quiet environment when recording. You may even want to sound-proof the room.

More options for your equipment needs include a sit-stand desk and a comfortable chair.

Start a Podcast Today

Why not start a podcast today? You can grow your audience given the information you have learned in this guide.

Spark your creativity and engage with your audience. Learn to hone and love the craft. Feel free to experiment and see what works.

For much more of your small business needs, check out the rest of our blog! You’ll love the content you find here.