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The Undeniable Benefits of Starting a Company Blog Right Away

Nearly 80% of businesses use a blog as a marketing tool. Businesses use blogs to convert their websites into strong innovative marketing tools. With well-done content marketing, you can expect your conversion rate to be around 2.9% on average.

The most important step is taking your time when creating your company blog and understanding what works well and what doesn’t. If you’re not sure if investing in a business blog is worth it for your company, then continue reading below. Here’s our list of several reasons why every business could benefit from having a blog!

Builds Relationships With Customers

If you already run a social media account for your business, then you know how important it is to interact with your followers. The same is true when creating a blog. A blog allows you to ask your readers questions and leave a space for them to ask you questions as well. 

Take the time to read through the comments left by your customers/potential customers and respond back to them. This allows you to build a trusting relationship with them. 

Increases Traffic to Your Website

Your company blog gives you the platform you need to increase traffic to your website using SEO (search engine optimization). Search engines want to provide people with new and valuable content. When you create a blog that’s written SEO in mind and provides some type of value to the reader, then you can expect lots of traffic to your page. 

Visit this page for information on proper spelling, write your blogs using important keywords, and consider guest posting to help drive even more traffic.

Establishes Professionalism 

Imagine visiting a business’ website looking for an answer to something specific in their business industry. However, you can’t find any information on the website about the industry other than information on the business itself. How will you know they’re professional and knowledgeable about the services or products they offer?

Your blog will cover a variety of industry topics that most customers want to know about. When they find this blog on your website, it shows them you’re able to answer their questions and provide valuable information to them when needed. 

Answers Questions or Concerns 

Before you write a blog post, take some time to determine what your customers want to learn more about. This ties into SEO and establishing your professionalism. Conduct your own internet searches for keywords related to your business. 

What are some key phrases that the search engine provides you with after you begin typing? These are the phrases you want to use in your blog, write about, and discuss the answer to (if a question). You can also reach out to your customers and ask what topics they’d like you to cover in your blog.

If one person has a question or concern about a specific topic, then there’s a good chance others have those same questions or concerns. 

Do You Have a Company Blog? 

If your business doesn’t already have its own company blog, then it’s time to start creating one. Use all of the helpful information listed above to get you started. Then, don’t forget to end your blog posts with a call to action that encourages readers to schedule a service, browse a product page, sign up for a newsletter, or something else. 

To find more writing topics, continue to check back here often!