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How to Start a Call Center: A Step-by-Step Guide to Success

If you’ve ever wondered how to start a call center, look no further.

Most large companies have dedicated call centers because they receive a large volume of calls from customers. Instead of having a certain part of your main office that makes and receives calls, you can create a call center to better handle the influx of requests and inquiries.

A typical call center setup consists of several cubicles with desks, computers, phones, and other pieces of equipment. Just like any business, you’ll need to research the costs of these things and figure out how you’ll get people to start contacting the call center.

Keep on reading to learn how to open a call center! 

Choose a Location and Equipment

One of the first things you’ll need to do when setting up a call center is to decide where you’d like the office to be. Unlike most businesses, call centers can be placed virtually anywhere because they don’t rely on in-store sales.

When choosing a location for your call center, it’s best to choose an area that’s affordable while giving you enough space to operate. You may need a larger office depending on how many people you’re employing, so keep that in mind when browsing properties.

If you’re considering expanding the business in the future and conducting more operations, you may want to set up in an area that’s near other businesses. For example, should you decide to start selling some sort of product, having the call center near a manufacturer will make it easier to receive the products.

The main thing you’ll have to worry about is the call quality in the area that you’re interested in. Call centers rely on communication, so you can’t be in the middle of nowhere. Providing that you’re in an area with access to high-speed internet, you should be able to operate without a problem.

You’ll also need reliable equipment, such as computers, phones, and printer/fax machines. Looking into call center reporting software will let your managers do a variety of tasks that allow your call center to get ahead.

Get Licensed

A business license is essential if you’re trying to start a business because it assures the government that what you’re doing is safe and legal. It won’t be difficult to get a business license when opening a call center, so you’ll want to do it as soon as possible to avoid paying hefty fines in the future.

You may want to look into other licenses depending on what kind of services you’re offering. Each state has unique rules and regulations as to what a business can do. Even if your call center is a part of a business that’s located in another state, you’ll have to adhere to the call center’s state’s rules.


Insurance is as equally important as a business license because it will protect both your business and its employees. Insurance comes in many forms, but its main purpose is to support you in cases where your property is damaged or an employee suffers an injury.

If your call center were to suffer damage from a natural disaster, your insurance provider would give you money to make repairs.

It’s best not to cheap out on insurance because paying the bare minimum won’t provide you with much support when you need it. It will also be much harder to convince your insurance company that you need compensation.

Create a Website

After you’ve covered the basics of your call center, the next thing to do is create a website. Most call centers are accessed from their company’s main website, but having a dedicated site for the call center will make it easier for customers to contact it.

On your website, you should list the services that your call center provides. Incorporating things like a FAQ and policy page will make it easier to filter out calls because most people will be able to find solutions for their problems without calling.

You can also build a live chat into the website, allowing employees to communicate with customers via messages instead of a phone call. This is convenient for both the business and customers because you can take on more customers at once.

Start Advertising

Advertising is something that many business owners struggle with because they don’t know how to interact with their target audience. In the past, putting up billboards and posters was an effective way of advertising. Today, you need to take to the likes of social media if you’d like to bring in more traffic to your business.

Over 3.2 billion people actively use social media, allowing you to reach your target audience with affordable and effective ads. From any platform, you can choose from several filters that narrow down who will see your ads. The age, gender, and location of your target audience can all be chosen.

Now You Know How to Start a Call Center

Setting up a call center isn’t as difficult as many people think. Providing that you figure out what services you’ll offer, all you’ll need to do is think about where you’ll set up. Understanding how to start a call center will make the process simple, allowing you to save both time and money.

Start putting your business plan together to ensure that you find success with the call center. Be sure to include your goals and what you’ll do to reach those goals. You should also have alternative plans in case something falls through with the original one.

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