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What is the Best Way to Make International Calls for Businesses?

In 2018, productivity in the US increased by 1.8% from the previous year. Businesses are strategizing on ways to grow, and expanding internationally is one of the approaches. Having workers and other stakeholders in different countries complicate business communication.  

Constant international phone calls can be financially draining. But when you have partners across the globe, communication is indispensable. Fortunately, the advent of technology has preceded several calling apps. 

You can now make cheap or free international calls. Are you trying to learn about the best way to make international calls for businesses? If yes, then check out these great options.

Google Voice 

If you have a Google account, sign up for Google voice to enjoy free international calls. To make a free phone call, there’s a button on the left, ‘Make a call.’ Enter the recipient number and select the dial icon and call. 

You can make PC to PC free calls or from a PC to a phone. The service connects you to the destination number at zero charges. Google voice is compatible with windows, iOS, and Android devices. 

Google voice is one of the best ways to make international calls from the US. If you’re outside the US, you might have to consider Google Hangouts. Google voice only works in the US.  

The free calls on Google voice only apply when calling US or Canadian-based numbers. You’ll have to part with a small fee charged per minute. What’s more, the length of your call can only be three hours.

SIP Trunks 

For most businesses, learning how to make an international call for free is one of the strategies that would help in improving business communication. A SIP trunk is a type of VoIP that allows IP calling. SIP Trunks involves the connection of an ITPS and PBX system.

Your business will need to buy PBX boxes that are compatible with SIP. Only then will you make and receive free international calls.  When you get a SIP trunk service, you will have improved customer communication.

Using the SIP trunk reduces the cost of your international calls. You don’t pay for these calls. Instead, you’ll only pay the SIP provider and for your internet connection.


Skype is one of the best apps to make international calls for your business. The app allows free calls and messaging between Skype users. You can have the Skype app on your tablet, mobile phone, or computer. 

If you need to call a landline or a mobile number, you should have a premium. Skype allows you to pay for such calls through Skype Credit or a subscription. The credit option is ideal if your landline calls aren’t regular. 

The call rates depend on the country. When you key in your recipient’s country, you’ll get the rates. Skype is more affordable than the typical international phone calls. 

Facebook Messenger 

Facebook has more than 2.7 billion users across the world. A high percentage of these users have embraced communication through Messenger. 

Businesses are realizing the significant role of Messenger in international communication.  As a result, messenger is gaining traction at a rapid speed. 

The excitement over Facebook messaging and calling features are evident. Millions of people across the world have the app.

With a Wi-Fi connection, you can make international calls for free through Messenger. If you don’t have the app, go to Google Play or App Store for a free download. Click the ‘People’ button to see if the person you want to call is available.

Your recipient should have their phone numbers on their profile to make the free calls possible. Messenger is a great way to make cheap business phone calls even when in transit. You don’t have to be tech-savvy to know how to go about using Messenger for calls.


The cheapest and best way to make international calls is through MyLine. You can use any device to call anywhere across the world. You’ll enjoy the quick connection and the clarity of voice when using MyLine. 

Once you download the MyLine app, register using your username and phone number. Enter the destination number and dial. The rate per minute goes as low as $0.0011. 

MyLine is available for both Play Store and App Store. Its features promote a high level of convenience. With just a one-touch dial, you won’t need a country code to make a cheap call.  

The updated features of MyLine save your business an incredible amount of money on communication. You can use this app to call via Gmail or Skype. MyLine applies across several countries that have permitted VoIP. 


If you have an Apple device, FaceTime is probably one of your favorite apps. This macOS and iOS app runs solely on the iPad, iPhone, and a range of other devices from Apple. With iOS 7, you can make free international calls through FaceTime. 

You’ll only need a Wi-Fi connection or mobile data. The international calls only allow voice calls. A global video call option would probably be expensive because of the high bandwidth.

To complete an international call using FaceTime, ensure that you have an updated version of Apple. The app requires a network connection to allow the calls to go through. When you enter your Apple’s identity and password, you can make a call immediately. 


WhatsApp ranks highly for instant messaging. Until recently, WhatsApp has not been supporting free calls. The app is still undergoing tests for international calls. 

The advantage of using WhatsApp to call is the cost-effectiveness. What’s more, the app has many users, which allows you to connect to a number of your partners. WhatsApp is pretty fast and convenient for businesses. 

Yet, using WhatsApp for formal communication is unpopular. Most business partners would prefer Skype for a business meeting. You can use WhatsApp to communicate with colleagues. 

The Best Way to Make International Calls for Your Business Is Through the Various Apps Available

Businesses are going international, and so should be your communication. Many entrepreneurs are researching the best way to make international calls so that they can save money. Technology has made it possible to make free or cheap calls regardless of your location.