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8 Quick Media Training Tips That You Need to Know

Are you wanting to bring more media attention to your business? Or are you in a position such as public relations specialist that requires regular media interaction? If either of these situations is true, you need quality media training.

What is media training? It’s communication training for those who plan to or have to interact with the media.

Media training is deeply important, as it is very easy for things to go wrong with media. You could face misquotes or public misunderstanding without proper media training.

To prevent such a disaster, here are eight quick media training tips you need to know.

1. Do Research

Look into the background of the media company you’re communicating with. Look at past articles or press pieces to see if there are patterns that can help you predict what questions may be asked. And make sure they have a good track record with respect towards interviewees before you even speak to them.

2. Dress Professionally

Do not be casual when representing your company or brand to the media. You need to be professional in how you dress. You are representing your brand, and your outfit should show that you take your brand seriously.

3. Practice Your Responses

When going in, you should have done some research to determine what questions might be asked. Or you should at least know the subject of the discussion and be able to work off of that. Practice your answers to potential questions so you don’t look like a deer in the headlights in the interview.

4. Be Calm And Secure

If you’re feeling tense or anxious, your facial and body language will give you away. It is not good for your brand’s image to be frazzled or shaky. Keep yourself comfortable and don’t let them see you sweat.

5. Be Cordial

Be polite and respectful to the interviewer. You want to have a positive image, and you also want to build a strong relationship with the media. Be dignified and respectful.

6. Don’t Speak Frivolously

As long as the interview is taking place, nothing is off the record. Don’t let anything slip out that you will regret.

7. Anticipate Tough Questions

The interviewer may ask hard questions, or they may ask different questions the same way to press you for answers. Be ready to deal with that. Don’t assume the worst of this person who is doing their job, but don’t fall for common media tricks.

8. Evaluate Yourself

After the interview is done, do a serious self-evaluation. Could you have prepared more? Could you have given better answers or done something differently?

It’s never perfect, and it absolutely won’t be the first time. Continue to improve with each interaction.

More Media Training Tips

This media training guide should prove helpful, but there are several other components that go into media training. For that reason, it’s a good idea to bring in experts to train those who will interact with media.

You can receive corporate media training here at Sunshine Media Network. This team has years of experience training executives and PR reps for on-camera interviews and interactions with journalists. They are able to thoroughly prepare you or your designated media liaison for the pressure of media interaction.

Follow These Media Training Tips For Success

These media training tips will be of major use in future media interactions. Take this media training advice seriously and seek a professional and harmonious relationship with the media. It will be good for you and your brand.

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