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Property Marketing: How to Advertise Your Home for Sale

Are you currently trying to sell your home (or thinking about it)? Without proper marketing and advertising strategies, you could end up wasting valuable time and money. According to Zillow, 79% of homebuyers are searching and shopping online.  It’s not enough to post a newspaper ad or stick up open house signs anymore. Instead, you […]

Thinking Long-Term: A Beginner’s Guide to Apartment Investing

Did you know that the percentage of people renting a residence, rather than owning one, has increased by nearly five percent in the last decade? It’s true. A variety of factors, ranging from less money saved for down payments to a desire for mobility, have led many individuals to choose to rent rather than to own. […]

5 Essential Tips on How to Start a Property Management Company

Wondering how to start a property management company? According to the latest census, approximately 43 million homes are occupied by renters. That means renters occupy 36% of the homes across the US. That’s 1 out of every 3 homes. If you were wondering whether there’s a need for property managers, you can see the numbers […]

How to Lower Property Taxes in Your State

On average, Americans pay a little more than $1,500 per year in property taxes. If you’re like most people, you’re probably eager to do whatever you can to figure out how to lower property taxes and minimize the amount of money you have to pay. Taxes may be an inevitable part of life, but there […]

How to Get Into Commercial Real Estate and Succeed

There are about 2 million active real estate licensees in the US.  In such a competitive market, only the strongest agents will survive. Commercial real estate agents are expected to earn more than twice what residential agents make. It is a career that offers great excitement and flexibility.  If you are wondering how to get […]

7 Secrets to Sell Your House Quick in 2019

The average American will move approximately 11 times during their lifetime. That’s a lot of packing. The whole process of moving can seem overwhelming. People move for a variety of reasons: new jobs, better education opportunities, a change in scenery. Depending on the reasons, the situation can become time-sensitive, and people will look for any way to sell […]

Building Your Business: 5 Tips for Buying Commercial Property

Commercial property isn’t the sort of investment that you can return for a refund at a store. Selecting the right property can either jumpstart your whole business or be its financial death knell. You don’t have to go in blind through buying commercial property. Check out these five top tips for selecting the right commercial […]

Flip a Home Without Flopping: How to Make Money Flipping Houses

House flippers make about $30,000 per flip on average. Profits can be much more in other states. While you can make a good amount of money, there are things to avoid when flipping houses. You can easily not make a profit or even lose money. Keep reading to learn how to flip houses the right […]

Your Real Estate Agent: How Long Does It Take to Buy a House?

According to the latest home buyer reports, 32 percent of Americans have plans to purchase a home within the next five years. Are you part of this group? Will this be your first time purchasing a home? If you’re buying a house for the first time, you probably have a lot of questions. For example, you […]

5 Creative Business Uses for Vacant Land

Do you currently own vacant properties as an investment? Owning a piece of vacant land can help you earn extra income. Deciding what to do with it is important to figure out before you sign a contract. These are five creative business uses for vacant land. Check them out below for inspiration.  1. Turn Your Vacant […]