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5 Useful SEO Tips On Ranking For Pittsburgh Real Estate Agents

In all industries and every market, today’s consumers are relying more and more on the internet to determine their buying decisions. While people are using the web to make everyday purchases, they’re also shopping for homes and properties, too.

In fact, in a recently published report by NAR shows that 93% of homebuyers cite an online website as the most important information source in their home search. The web has become the greatest influencer in the modern-day real estate industry. This is why an effective digital marketing strategy is a must for Pittsburgh real estate agents. 

Read on to learn 5 essential real estate SEO tips for digitally-driven success!

SEO: The Driver Behind a Successful Digital Marketing Strategy

A successful digital marketing strategy centers around effective SEO. SEO, or search engine optimization, includes all of the factors that determine where a website falls in Google’s search rankings.

Almost 90% of online traffic goes to the first 10 websites listed (the first page of rankings) in a Google search. The first website that shows up in a Google search receives over 40% of all traffic, while the second through the ninth gobble up the majority of remaining traffic.

If most homebuyers are turning to the web to find properties, the most successful websites are going to be those that Google lists in the top 10. But, how can you ensure that yours makes the cut?

One word: SEO

The closer you come to perfecting your SEO mojo, the greater chance you have at being one of Google’s highest-ranked websites. But, many people don’t know where to start when it comes to SEO. And, even those that do may have trouble keeping up with the latest updates and changes to Google’s ever-shifting algorithm.

That’s why we’ve put together these SEO tips especially for Pittsburgh real estate agents who are serious about boosting their website traffic and increasing their profits.

5 SEO Tips to Help Pittsburgh Real Estate Agents Climb Rankings

By now, most real estate marketing pros understand that digital marketing is a biggie in today’s world. But, how do you make a digital marketing strategy that works as hard as you do to grab the attention of buyers and sellers?

These SEO tips will give you a lead over your competitors.

1. Keywords Should Focus On (Choice + Placement)

Once upon a time, the best keyword choice was what websites clamored for. Then, websites aimed for as many keywords as they could cram into the content. When Google caught on to this, “overstuffing” content began to earn websites a fat penalty.

Now, where you place your keyword is almost as important as the keyword itself. With the multitude of keyword search tools available online, it’s not hard to come up with a relevant keyword choice. But, don’t expect it to be effective unless you know where it needs to go.

Your keyword should be used in your page’s title (the title that shows up in a Google search), as well as in your content and image description, if possible. Also, when inserting in your content, 3 is a charm. Insert it once in the heading, once in the body, and once in the conclusion.

Remember, if you overuse your keyword, it won’t earn you extra points. And, it might even result in a lowered ranking for your site.

2. The Magic (Phone) Number

Phone numbers are super important on a real estate website because it’s one of the few industries that almost always involve a face-to-face meeting with customers at some point during the purchasing process. And, phone numbers are also one of the things that Google looks for to determine rankings. But, they may very well overlook yours if it doesn’t follow the proper format.

In order to abide by Google’s preferences, your phone number should be listed in one of the following formats:

  • (111)111-1111
  • 111-111-1111
  • 111.111.1111

It’s imperative that you place dashes, dots or parentheses in the right places when you list your number. Also, your phone number should always be listed in the page’s meta description.

3. “Link” Your Site to Success

Internal and external links are still very important parts of your website’s success. You should have at least two of each in articles that are 500 words or more. Also, you should avoid linking to your competitors’ sites.

Internal links are those that link back to your content. These are the links you don’t want to miss. They will keep visitors on your site longer and have them returning to your site more often.

External links are a critical component of SEO, as well. Try to link to credible sites that don’t play a role in your personal success. For example, news, government, and statistics sites generally work well for your external links. 

4. Picture Perfect

Whether you sell residential, commercial, or investment property, high-quality images are a must-have for real estate sites. Not only that, but you also need accurate, keyword-inclusive image tags/descriptions. And, your site should choose only the most appropriate photos for the content you use.

The more an image is downloaded prior to sharing, the worse the quality becomes. If possible, always use original images that are vibrant and clear on your website.

5. Seal the Deal With Your Call to Action

Conversions happen because of an effective “call to action”. What’s a call to action? It’s that concluding sentence or two that beckons website visitors to “sign up for our email list” or “submit your email address for your free e-book”. 

For website owners, it’s a proven way to build an email list, direct visitors to your contact form, or to follow your social media page. It’s a strategy to convert traffic into leads. And, of course, then you’re more likely to convert your leads to customers.

So, be sure to include a call to action somewhere on each page of your site. It can also be helpful to insert a link, but this is no longer viewed as the necessity it once was. The main thing is that potential customers are given the option to continue the process with you.

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