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How to Pass the National Real Estate Exam on Your First Try

So you want to be a realtor and sell high-quality houses? You’ll have to pass the national real estate exam first. Learn how to do that in this guide.

If you love meeting people and helping them fulfill their dreams, maybe you’ve been dreaming of being a realtor. Starting your own business is exciting, and it’s full of opportunities.

But first, you have to pass the test. The National Real Estate Exam is daunting, to say the least. With enough prep, you can ace the test and be on your way to becoming a realtor.

No one wants to fail and have to take the test more than once. Here are some great tips to help you pass the test the first time.

National Real Estate Exam

Here are some great tips to make you more productive while studying. They will help you have a successful exam and start your real estate business.

Don’t Get Words Confused With Each Other

This goes hand in hand with the vocabulary tip below. It’s kind of like confusing the word Uber with user. They don’t mean anything similar, but they look alike, so it can be hard to remember.

There are words in real estate that are similar to each other. Words like “condominium” and “cooperative” might be ones your brain would swap (especially after hours of studying). However, they have different definitions – make sure to note the difference.

Use Study Tricks

There are some biological ways to trick your brain into remembering. Did you know that sound, smell, and taste are linked to memories?

If you chew the same kind of gum while you complete the test that you did while you were studying, the flavor might be linked to a memory of a principle you worked on. The same goes for smell; wear the same kind of cologne or perfume you wore while you studied.

If the testing center lets you have headphones (unlikely, but possible – find out ahead of time), then listen to the same music while you take the test that you listened to while you studied. It helps trigger memories.

As always, make sure to get lots of rest and eat a good breakfast before taking the exam.

Focus on Vocabulary

Words like “dedication” or “avulsion” sound different than their actual meaning in the real estate world. You might not be able to use context clues during the test to figure out their meanings.

Focus on vocabulary to make sure you can properly read and understand the questions you will be asked.

Read Every Word

Don’t get confused by trying to take the test quickly. It’s more important to take your time and read every question thoroughly, lest you get confused and breeze through a trick question.

Reading thoroughly is important beyond the exam, too. Later on, you need to be able to advise your clients accurately. You are their expert on buying and selling real estate, so make sure you are knowledgeable as you guide buyers and instruct sellers.

Passing the Test

Using these tips will help you pass the national real estate exam the first time you take it. Remember not to get words confused, use study tricks, focus on vocabulary, and read every word.

Soon you’ll be more worried about how to decorate your new office than the exam. Good luck!

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