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10 Real Estate Marketing Tips to Gather More Leads (No Benches Required)

Are you a real estate professional? If so, you understand that generating leads is one of the most important aspects of your business. 

In order to ensure that you’re generating a steady list of leads, it’s essential to conduct all of the right marketing. The truth is, real estate marketing has undergone a significant change within the last decade. 

Real estate marketing was once limited to the physical world in terms of signs and advertisements. Now, real estate marketing is almost entirely based upon the online world. Gone are the days of advertisements plastered across park benches and enter the days of digital marketing!

If you’re a real estate professional and you’re interested in gathering more leads, you’re going to want to read this. We’re highlighting the ten best real estate marketing tactics that are sure to generate more leads and better your sales. 

1. Create a Social Media Presence 

First and foremost, every single real estate professional today needs to be connected online to social media. 

Be it Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, it’s essential to have an online presence. Not only are these social platforms a fantastic way to advertise yourself and your listings, but it’s also a great way to connect with your audience. 

These social platforms are also useful for connecting with other real estate professionals. For listing agents, it may be helpful to connect with investors that are willing to purchase homes for cash. Read more here if you’re interested in learning more about this industry and how it can help your business. 

2. Use an IDX on Your Website 

If you have a real estate website, it’s essential to have an IDX feed. This IDX feeds local properties to your website. From here, potential buyers can browse properties on your website and contact you for your services. 

Let’s consider that the first step that many homebuyers take is to search for properties online. In fact, studies reveal that for 44 percent homebuyers, this is the first step they take in purchasing a home. 

This first step takes place even before searching for and contacting a real estate professional. Homebuyers like to have a perspective of what’s available on the market to ensure they are interested in taking the next step. 

3. Incorporate Video into Your Emails 

If you have yet to dive into the world of video marketing, you’re going to want to make this a priority. 

Today, the most successful real estate professionals in the world are incorporating video into their marketing plan. If you’re unsure how to incorporate video into your marketing plan, start with adding a simple video to your email signature. 

This can be a brief video that acts as a “digital handshake” to your audience. It’s a video that puts a face to your name and allows your audience to feel more personally connected to you. 

4. Update Your Photos

Put simply, it’s crucial to have an updated and contemporary photo. 

From the perspective of your audience, an outdated photo may give off the impression that you are no longer active. In a market that continues to change and transform every day, your audience wants to know that you are active in the current market. 

5. Share Your Testimonials 

Today, we live in a world that is run by testimonials.

Without testimonials, buyers and sellers who don’t know you personally are less likely to utilize your services. In fact, 88 percent of consumers state that they trust testimonials as much as they trust referrals from friends. 

A testimonial helps to provide insight as to why working with you is beneficial and why others should consider doing the same. At the end of the day, it provides potential clients with faith that you are their best option.  

6. Design a Great Business Card 

In the real estate world, business cards are often handed out on a daily basis. 

If you’re serious about marketing yourself in the best way possible, it’s important to start with your business card. Let’s consider that the average consumer is likely to receive a number of real estate business cards in their lifetime. 

If you want yours to differentiate itself from the competition, it’s important to create a card that will be remembered. This may be in terms of the imagery and design, the text or even the material of the business card itself. 

7. Use Facebook and Instagram Advertising 

If you’re not using social media advertising to your advantage, it’s officially time to start. 

Social media today provides an advertising platform that is relatively budget-friendly and easily connects with your audience. Let’s consider that Americans today spend an average of 135 minutes on their social media daily. 

When we consider this number, it’s no surprise that social media is one of the fasted and most effective ways to reach your audience. 

8. Send an Email Newsletter 

Each and every real estate professional today should be sharing an email newsletter.

This is an email that is blasted to your network on a relatively consistent basis. Some real estate professionals use it to showcase new properties while others use it to provide market updates. 

Either way, it’s a cost-effective way to connect with your audience on a routine basis.

9. Host a Contest 

If you have a large social media presence or send out an email newsletter, try doing something different to catch your follower’s attention. 

One way to do so could be to run a contest and provide a prize to the winner. For everyone that shares your post, their name will be entered into a draw to win a gift certificate. 

This helps pass on your name as a real estate professional and gain more followers.  

10. Utilize Content Marketing 

Today, SEO blogging has become one of the best ways to connect with your audience online. 

Blogging helps to show that you are active in your business and provides your followers with a gentle reminder that you are in the real estate business. However, it’s also a great way to show the face behind your business and provide a sense of personality. 

In turn, this will allow your followers to feel more connected to you on a human level. As a result, more trust will be generated and they will feel more comfortable using your services in the future. 

Real Estate Marketing: How to Get More Leads and Increase Sales 

For many real estate professionals, generating clients is the most challenging aspect of the job. 

With so many real estate professionals in business today, it can be difficult to separate yourself from the competition. In order to ensure that you are doing everything possible to get more leads, it’s essential to focus on your marketing efforts. 

As real estate marketing continues to change and transform, it can be difficult to stay current with the latest marketing trends. To help, we’re sharing the ten best marketing tips that are sure to help you generate more leads today. 

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