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How to Find an Architect Who Can Match Your Creative Vision

There is no easy step in the process of having your own business. Every step must be meticulously thought over otherwise it can affect your clientele or profit negatively.

About 40% of small businesses profit, 30% maintain an even income, while 30% lose money, risking closure and bankruptcy. 

Which do you want to be? 

When you start up a new business, such as architecture, a critical step in the success of the business is knowing where to find an architect.

A good architect should meet your quality standards on what you envision. But, every good business owner knows finding one that offers a different opinion and vision is important too. 

It’s about finding architects that are creative like you, but also creative in a way that is not like you.

Building a Dream 

Architecture is all about making a visual dream come to life. Design and layout work hand-in-hand when creating something. If you want to build or upgrade houses, projects will take several months to complete.

The most complicated part is not building the home itself, it is working on architectural visualization. Drawing out what your client wants is the essence of every project as an architect. It is divided into four steps: 

  1. Deciding what to Build: The completed designs rely heavily on the homeowner. You will need their input constantly. But they also want the perfect architect to tell them ideas based on their budget. 
  2. Make Rough Sketches: Once you review a design with the homeowner, you can begin to make a series of schematic designs. This will help see what they like and what they want to fix until it’s their “perfect.”
  3. Tweaking and Refining the Design: Once the rough sketch is completed, making the final design is next. Here, you will have more details in the drawing to better illustrate what the homeowner wants. Creating a list of materials that you need to get the project done is also started here. 
  4. Ready the Construction Documents: After the homeowner gives the ok on the final design, the architect will then provide the budget cost and the estimated time it will take to complete. 

How to Find an Architect 

When your business grows, you will need to hire more people. Creating the right team for your company depends on how you go about the hiring process.

Maybe you are an architect yourself or its simply a part of your project you don’t understand. It’s good to know when certain circumstances are out of your hands and you need a second head. Or maybe you need an expert. 

If a job is out of your capacity in understanding or availability, you should be open-minded, yet critical of those you hire.

A good architect will be someone who spent years studying and training. Those who know building codes and design can also greatly contribute to your business.

Ask Yourself and the Architect the Right Questions 

  • How can you confirm an architect is reputable?
  • What level of education or certifications do they have? 
  • How long will the process be for a project upon hire until completion? 
  • Are they licensed to legally work? Can it be verified? 
  • What other projects have they worked on? Similarities? Differences? 
  • What method, how often, and how much are they looking to be paid? 
  • What is their availability 
  • How well do they handle troubles or bumps that may happen when doing a project? How well do they handle clients and altering a vision when needed?

Seek and Hire Architects 

Referrals: Word of mouth shouldn’t be underestimated. Having family, friends or acquaintances recommend a person or people they know can help you get started. More often than not, their recommendation matches what you are seeking. 

Research: You can also do your homework. You can find an architect looking for work by locating a contractor seeking the opportunity. You can post a job opening stating what you desire and expect. 

Build a List: Once you find qualified architects, you will want to narrow it down by making a list. It helps to add what their strengths and weaknesses are. 

Interviewing: After you select a few that you feel qualify, you can interview them over the phone, online or in person. You should provide scenarios and projects regarding tasks to better grasp their qualifications and experience. Chemistry is a valuable and vital aspect of the process too.  

Hire based on a Trial: First impressions are good, but opting for a lasting impression is better. Before you hire an architect permanently, give them a probation period. This can be up to you and can be as much as 30 days. 

Create a Contract: When you find an architect, you will write an official contract with them. You can choose to make them a permanent addition or hire them as-needed for projects. The latter may work better for both you and the prospect. 

Invest in Your Business to Find the Right Architect

When you own a small business to design houses, homeowners trust you based on vision and expertise. You can find an architect to hire and help work with you whether you need extra help or don’t have the experience. 

A professional architect will have the right training and experience to grow your small business. Architects are truly creative in the way they look at the picture. A home is more than just four walls and a roof. The dynamic of a house is changed for the better by their creative input along with a homeowner. 

Hiring the right architect will increase your happy base of customers for your business as well as profit.

Hiring the wrong one will, of course, give the opposite effect. Who you decide to work for your company can make or break your success. 

People rely on architects to help solve their problems by building a home from scratch, adding space, or budgeting on limited space.