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5 Ideas to Make Your Real Estate Marketing Plan a Success

Successful Realtors know they must become expert marketers to secure more listings and sell more homes.

In other words, when you are not showing homes or facilitating a sale, you need to be in “marketing mode.”

But how can market yourself and improve your bottom line?

It all starts with having a winning real estate marketing plan.  Check out these six effective components of a successful marketing plan and get started today.

1.  Partner with Zillow

Some marketing ideas require a long-term view and take a while to pay off.  Not so with paid leads.  Paying for quality leads is the fastest way to gain new business right now.

The best way to start is to go where your buyers are.  Most buyers start with Zillow or Trulia and stay connected to it during the sales process.

Zillow has leads which are extremely targeted.  Sign up with Zillow Premier Agent to be exclusively featured on home listing pages for your area.  With Premier Agent, you will also have access to Zillow’s family of publishers which include Trulia, and Street Easy.

Here’s how it works: A prospect makes an inquiry on Zillow or Trulia.  The company then asks if they would like to speak with a real estate agent.  If the buyer agrees, then Trulia connects you with the buyer where you can set up a viewing appointment.

This is a quick effective way to jump-start your business.

2. Content Marketing to Boost Local SEO

Make sure you take full advantage of Google to appear in searches by local buyers and sellers.

Use content marketing to boost your rankings in Google.  That means creating several articles targeted to the interests and needs of your prospects.

It’s a good idea to write articles about local neighborhoods in your farm area.  You can also create a directory of moving resources.  A FAQ page answering customer’s most common questions is always very effective.

The idea is to be a resource.  The more helpful pages you have, the more doorways you create for people to find your site on Google

You also improve your perceived authority with Google which will help your rankings.  Learn more about local SEO for real estate agents here.

3. Create the Most Professional Listings in Your Area

Create professional 3D tours with stage lighting for every listing.  It’s an investment that helps you stand out from the crowd and gain more listings.

If a prospect is choosing an agent, they may choose you just because your listings feature the home in the best light versus the competition’s listings which appear lifeless by comparison.

If you don’t want to pay for video tours, check out some YouTube tutorials and do it yourself.

4. Send an Email Newsletter

An email newsletter is a great way of staying in touch and being helpful to prospects and clients. They are also effective for building trust and credibility.  Most successful agents and brokers, such as One Street real estate brokerage, use email newsletters to engage prospects.

Use automated campaign drips which sends a sequential series of emails designed to help buyers and sellers from the introduction to the closing.

5. Send Handwritten Notes

A personal touch beats high-tech every time.  Sending handwritten notes is an old-school technique that still creates a “wow factor.”  No one else is doing it so you will stand out from the crowd.

Send Thank You notes after a meeting.  Send hand-written letters with some answers to commonly asked questions.  Send re-engagement letters if it’s been a while since you’ve talked with a prospect.

With handwritten notes, a little effort goes a long way towards building relationships and securing business.

Your Real Estate Marketing Plan:  The Bottom Line

Adhering to a sound real estate marketing plan will create a steady stream of new clients.

Implement technology to stay in front of your prospects and use a personal touch to develop relationships.

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