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Fill Your Vacancies: Why Apartment Marketing is Vital

Did you know the total number of multifamily rental buildings in the United States is over 5 million?

It’s no wonder that the owners of these properties want to make sure they have tenants living in them.

Do you have vacancies in your apartment complex? Apartment marketing is the key to fill the empty homes.

Keep reading for your complete guide to why apartment marketing is vital and how to do it.

Why Apartment Marketing is Vital

Apartment marketing helps get the word out about available vacancies and attract potential tenants to your website and to take a tour. When apartments are vacant it costs money every day for them to sit there empty. Reducing the time in between tenants is the point to advertise your apartment building.

Making sure your apartments for rent are put in front of potential tenants as often as possible will keep your apartments less vacant.

Marketing Ideas to Fill Vacancies Quickly

When the apartment is empty and ready for the next tenant you want your best marketing sources to let people out there know that you have vacancies. Use several marketing methods to get the word out. The end goal is to make qualified applicants aware that your apartments are ready and waiting for them to occupy them.

There are free and paid options available to market your listings. Using a variety of the ideas listed below will allow you to put your message in front of qualified applicants.


Photos will engage your potential tenant and draw them in to want more. Make sure your photos are well-lit, high resolution, and clean. In today’s world, people expect well-crafted pictures which means you might have to add a filter to add more appeal to your photos.

Video Walk-Through

Video is another way to engage with your potential applicants. People expect to see videos to get an idea of what apartments look like. Apartment buildings that use videos to show exact floorplans give future residents an idea of what to expect before visiting.

During the summer months, you can show off the fun summer amenities through video. This will give those looking at your building another sneak peek into what they’re missing out on if they don’t live there.

Word of Mouth

Other tenants with first-hand experience can be your best free marketing. Let current tenants know when you have vacancies available and offer a referral bonus for sending a qualified applicant. You can also tell your own friends and family that you have a vacancy open. 

Friends and family is a traditional marketing method that works. They already trust the person making it an easier close.

Online Newspaper Ads

Local classifieds are still popular and have primarily moved to the online space. There are online listings of jobs, pets for sale, and rental vacancies. Google your area’s local newspaper online and research what you need to do to get your apartment building listed.

Most newspapers charge a low fee for a certain amount of time. 


With everything moving to the online world and digital marketing you don’t want to forget about your site. You want to create a strong first impression on your own website. The goal of your website should be for the person viewing it to take action. Either to apply immediately, call for more information, email, or make an appointment.

There should be several call to actions on each page to keep them on your site longer. For example “Click here to take a video tour of our 2 bedroom apartments with lake views!”

Make sure your website is clean, easy to navigate, informative, and user-friendly. The goal is not to scare people away.

Write Enticing Copy

The words that you use and the features that you highlight will motivate potential applicants to contact you. To begin, make a list of all the features your property offers. Then make a list of all the amenities your apartment complex has.

Last write down what makes your property special for a tenant to want to live there. Mention anything that will make your ad stand out from other advertisements similar to yours.

360 Degree Virtual Tours

This technology is becoming more popular. It’s still developing but more rental properties are using it to give prospective tenants a feel as if they’re already there. When done correctly a potential applicant should be able to drag around and see the entire apartment in its entirety.


Find prominent windows to put a “For Rent” sign to capture local traffic. You can also put a sign on the front lawn for local pedestrians to see. The best thing about this is that even if those passing by aren’t looking for an apartment they might refer someone they know because they saw the sign.

If your apartment building is not in the middle of a busy street you can ask permission to put a sign on the intersection of the next busiest street with an arrow pointing to your building.


Who doesn’t like an HGTV looking home? People love to see apartments with furniture and put together. It gives them a visual idea of how space can be used. 

There are a few staging options you can either use furniture to accentuate the space. Create the illusion of space no matter the apartment size. If furniture isn’t an option then add a fresh neutral coat of paint and add some ambient lighting.

The point with staging is to give a person a welcome feel during a walk through. You can add a candle or a plugin to make sure it smells clean and inviting. You also have the option of virtually staging the apartment by paying a company to virtually stage pictures you provide them with.

Leverage These Tips to Fill Your Vacant Apartments

Minimize the time your apartment sits empty by acting immediately before it’s even empty. Have your marketing strategy ready to go by maximizing your apartment marketing.

The last thing you want to do is have an apartment empty for months on end while putting cash flow at a halt. Small Business Brief is dedicated to providing you with content to help you succeed.

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