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5 Real Estate SEO Tips That Will Generate Leads

Real estateEvery successful real estate agent has one thing in common: an effective way of generating clients.

Some do this through referrals, some post listings all around their local area. But, the best resource for any agent to make use of is real estate SEO.

A strong SEO strategy improves your brand recognition and the size of your audience. Over time, this can establish you as a sense of authority in real estate and boost your sales numbers.

Here are five easy ways to make this happen.

1. Optimize for Mobile

More than half the people looking for services online are doing so from a mobile device.

As such, you need to have a responsive, mobile-friendly website.

This means making sure you only have one URL, instead of one for desktop and one for mobile. It means having landing pages load to fit the size of a tablet or smartphone screen, while still being easy to navigate.

Most importantly, your pages need to load quickly.

Mobile users want content that is easy to access, and they won’t wait long for it.

2. Go Local

In addition to a mobile-friendly website, a local strategy is a must for real estate.

Think about it, your business is all about helping clients find the best neighborhoods in town.

Some buyers and sellers may be searching for terms like “sell it fast” or “flip for cheap”, but most of them are focusing on specific areas. This means you need to use words like “Wynwood”, “Brickell”, and “Coconut Grove” instead of just “Miami.”

Also, sprinkle in some phrases like “nearby” or “near me” when you’re creating content for your real estate SEO.

3. Be Social

Speaking of content, remember your online presence depends on more than your website.

Start engaging on social media accounts with your SEO in mind. Create a branded approach with the help of tools such as:

  • Industry keywords
  • Geotargeting
  • Social ad campaigns
  • Client reviews

Don’t just post something and leave it there, either.

Connect with people who comment on and share your posts. Even a little interaction like liking their comment or giving a follow back can turn into a successful relationship in the future.

4. Start a Blog

To further strengthen the online connections you’re trying to create, consider writing a blog!

A blog is one of the best resources you can use in your real estate SEO strategy.

It is an extension of your website, which can help increase the visibility of all your landing pages. It is also a place to incorporate local keywords and industry terms, reviews, your brand name, and more.

Just make sure your content is relevant and is written with your brand in mind.

The more you can align all the details together, the stronger (and more credible) your blog will be.

5. Use Photos and Videos

Don’t post a blog article without a photo!

In fact, you should be using visual content throughout your website and social posts. These help clients get a better understanding of the kind of real estate you offer.

More so, photos help you get in front of potential clients because they offer additional SEO support.

Name a photo or video with a keyword as a title before you upload it. Make sure it’s the proper kind of file and size needed, and one that won’t slow your site down.

These seem like simple tactics, but they make a big difference in overall rank performance.

Upgrade Your Real Estate SEO

SEO is not as complicated as it might seem.

You just have to try your hand and see which best practices turn into the best results for you. Focus on having a fully-optimized website, then expand your efforts into social and blogging.

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