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7 Tips and Tricks for Staging a House to Sell Fast

Staging a house to sell is one of the best ways to help your home sell faster. Staging helps to make your home feel more updated. From decluttering to giving every room in your home a purpose, we’ve rounded up seven tips for staging a house to sell.

This how to stage a house guide will go over everything you need to know to help get your home sold quickly. The more updated and neutral your home appears the more likely your home is to go quickly. Let’s get staging.

1. Listing Your Home

Before you start the staging process, you’ll want to consult your realtor. Listing your home on the armls or Arizona Regional MLS will help make sure your home gets in front of the most buyers possible.

Talk to your realtor about which rooms you should focus staging on. Your realtor and a home staging expert can help make sure you get the most bang for your buck.

2. Decluttering

One of the best things you can do when staging your house to sell is to declutter. Decluttering helps make your home the star. When potential buyers come into your home they want to see all of the details. They don’t want to see your clutter.

When you’re preparing to sell your home, go through it, and pack the majority of your personal belongings. This is a must-do before you stage. Remove some of the extra souvenirs, fridge magnets, photos, and kindergarten art projects. While these are all special to you, they can be distracting to buyers.

By packing a bunch of memorabilia and personal items away, you’ll have one big to-do item off of your moving list. Your home will have a fresh, decluttered appearance. Your home will also appear larger without all the stuff.

3. Purging

Once you’ve packed away some of your personal items, it’s time to purge what you don’t need. You can separate everything into piles for the trash and piles to donate. If you have a ton of stuff you don’t need anymore, get rid of it to clear more space. The cleaner your home is, the more buyers will be able to see all of its great features.

If there’s a bunch of trash and unused items collecting dust, potential buyers might not think there is enough storage. The cleaner your closets are, the more storage your home appears to have. Potential buyers want to see your home, not garbage or junk.

4. Give Each Room a Purpose

Staging helps to give each room a purpose. When you’re in the middle of moving, the rooms in your home can lose focus. A dining room that is also an office, a craft station, and a laundry sorter, isn’t painting a clear picture for buyers. Show buyers how they can use each room.

With a multipurpose room is, you can create different zones with staging. A large rec room in the basement, for example, can have a lounge area, a play space, and a bar, all within the same room. Staging helps differentiate areas.

If your home is on the smaller size, use staging to show how functional your home is. A small home can still have plenty of work areas, storage, and places to entertain. Staging gives buyers a clearer picture of how they can use each space.

For larger homes, the staging also helps to give buyers inspiration. A large empty room can feel cold and uninviting. Staging helps to show buyers where everything can go. Instead of seeing a big empty room, they will see all of the different uses a room has.

5. Keep Staging a House Neutral

While you may love, large patterns and vibrant colors, not all buyers do. To help appease the masses, tone down and neutralize your home so that is shows, bright and clean. Staging can help neutralize your home and make it appealing to the majority of buyers.

Luckily, your cherished furniture can come with you when you move. Keep in mind that the neutral staging furniture is there to show your home. You don’t have to live with it forever.

The more neutral your furniture is, the more buyers can see the details of your home. Too much furniture or unique items will have buyers looking at your stuff instead of your home. You want buyers to focus on the architecture of your home, the layout, and the size. If all they are looking at is your stuff, they won’t get the full picture.

6. Help Buyers Envision Themselves There

Staging helps to give buyers a vision of themselves in your home. Help buyers visualize their family in your space. Use staging to set up a place for family dinner and a place for watching movies. The more buyers can picture themselves, the more likely they will be to feel a personal connection.

You want buyers to connect to your home. Use staging to make them fall in love with everything you love about your home.

7. Give Your Home an Updated Feel

Staging helps to give your home a more updated appearance. If you don’t plan on remodeling or updating your home to put it on the market, staging can help. You won’t spend nearly as much money on staging as you would a remodel.

Staging can give your home an updated feel without spending a ton of money. You’ll be able to bring in trendy, neutral furnishings and breathe some fresh life into your home.

Even simple things such as new bedding and linens can help freshen up your home. Modern and updated furniture will make buyers feel like your home is more updated than it is. If they see rooms full of outdated furniture it could raise flags about the condition of your home.

Staging a House to Sell 101

If you’re asking, do I need to stage my house? The answer is almost always, yes. Staging a house to sell can save you thousands on updates and remodeling. Your home will appear larger and newer.

Staging also helps buyers visualize themselves in your home. Your home will feel more inviting with a fresh, new look. For more great staging, and design tips, visit the home section for ideas and inspiration.