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Apartment Marketing Ideas: 5 Top Tips for Beginner Landlords

Being a landlord takes a lot of work.

Maintaining the property isn’t the only labor you’re going to have to put in. One of the hardest parts of being a new landlord is trying to find the right way to promote and show off your property.

Luckily, there are some tried and true methods you can try that will definitely get your rental noticed. Keep reading if you’d like some more apartment marketing ideas!

1. Stage the Property 

Like any real estate venture, it’s important to make a good first impression. 

Showing off your apartment is the first step to getting the attention you’re going to need to get new tenants. When putting your place on the market, make sure every photo you take features clean rooms.

If the rental comes furnished, consider hiring a professional stager to come to spruce the place up. Staging a home will give future tenants an idea of what each room would look like with their own furniture. 

It also shows off the space to its very best.

2. Hit Up Social Media 

With the rise of social media and more people using apps like Facebook to find the things they need most in life, it’s time to use that to your advantage

Using features like the Marketplace or private Buy/Sell/Trade pages in your community will work wonders on getting the word out about your new property. But it’s also important to consider starting a business page for your business as well. 

Having a sleek, professional page on Facebook and Instagram will catch potential tenants’ eyes. It will also provide a professional platform for you to communicate with them. 

3. Focus on the Neighborhood Amenities 

The biggest part of real estate isn’t so much the home you’re thinking about selling or renting. 

It’s often the neighborhood that brings people to your door. Do you live in a good school district? Is there a great community pool right down the road? Is there recycling and free trash pickup every week?

Focusing on little things like this when listing your property is very important. Make sure you include all amenities and community features in your listing. This will draw more tenants to your properties.


4. Sleek Up Your Digital Presence 

Like using social media to your advantage, it’s important your online face is also professional.

Consider creating a website for your business that will be easy to navigate. You would be able to connect all of your social media to this site.

It would also allow you to feature each of your properties in one location. Learn more on how websites can show off a property.

5. Allow Pets on Your Property 

Consider this: 68% of all American households have pets. That’s nearly 90 million families. While allowing pets on your rental property may seem like a bad idea, unfortunately, this is becoming outdated. 

Many potential clients won’t even look at your property if it says “no pets allowed.” 

If you’re thinking about allowing pets in your rentals there are a few things you can do to safeguard it. Having pet deposits in place may be a good idea. Or you could always upgrade the property by removing all carpets and replacing them with hard flooring.

Need More Apartment Marketing Ideas?

Showing off your apartments and rental properties doesn’t have to be complicated.

With a few tweaks and some savvy business practices, you’ll be getting some of the best tenants in your rentals before you know it!

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